By now, we are all aware that November is Foundation month. Realistically, however, every month should be Foundation month because millions of people are positively affected by TRF each and every month of the year. Grant projects, scholarships, literacy programs, medical and dental care and other humanitarian programs are being done every day not only in our district, but throughout the world. All of us who support TRF do so with the knowledge that our contributions are serving those who really need our help. It is important to understand that when we give our money we do not ask if the recipients of our aid will be Jewish, black, Muslim, Asian, Catholic, female, male, heterosexual, homosexual or intelligent. On the contrary because it is only when we contribute from our hearts that we dismiss with all of the prejudices that afflict others.

Contributing to TRF gives us all the opportunity to achieve the heights of altruism whilst we stare into the face of penury. Because we stare at this destitution from such a distance, we do not truly know its face. We must imagine the plight of the dying 24 year old Philippine woman with breast cancer who has no physician available to her in her contaminated village. How will she suffer before she dies? Could she have been saved? We see pictures of Indian children with sunken eyes and skeletal bodies who beg for food or money in the streets of New Delhi. It's just a picture, isn't it? Many of us simply cannot relate to these images. They bear no resemblance to our children, grandchildren or anything we have ever seen in this country.

My fellow Rotarians, these pictures are real and I have seen the people with my own eyes. The suffering in our world is palpable and you can do something about it. With your contribution to TRF you can literally save the life of someone, somewhere in our world. November is the month when we all rise to the occasion and make our contribution or pledges. November- the month of Thanksgiving, when we all give thanks for what we have been given. The food that will be on your Thanksgiving tables will be enough to feed a small African village for two weeks. The clean water that will go down your drain when you wash the dishes after your feast could have kept a small child alive and disease free. We are the "land of plenty" and you all have more than you really need.

Now is the time to rise to the occasion and share some of your good fortune. Governor Rich's goal of $250.00 per capita is achievable and has been done once before. It can be quite easy to contribute that per capita amount if you break it down into $21.00 monthly installments. At $25.00 per month, you can exceed that amount easily and achieve new heights of giving. Our lives can mean so much more than just going to work every day. If we all can just rise to the occasion we can actually leave the world better than how we found it when we entered. What better life achievement is there for anyone? Write your check to TRF today. Make your pledge today. Ask me how you can become a major donor, Bequest Society member or an Arch Klumph Society member. Increasing your giving levels brings with it the enormous opportunity to help create the kind of world that we all want to see. Many of you have the ability to become major donors and it is easier than you may think to reach that level of giving. I am at your service to assist you in changing the world through The Rotary Foundation.

PDG Helene A. Kalfuss, Ph.D.

District 5330 Chair, Annual Programs Fund,2007-2010

Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator for Zone 26, 2009-2010

Every Rotarian, Every Year!

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