A large crowd attended the meeting today including many members of the Coachella East Rotary Club. President David called the meeting to order followed by the flag salute and invocation, led by Merv and Corry respectively.
Some of the visitors in attendance to hear Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit included former members Mark Weber, Ian Helmstetter and Paul Quill. Also introduced was Corry's soon to be wife, Kristyn Robbins. Soon to be member, Police Chief Raymond Gregory was introduced by Frank Blum. John Benoit had some guests also including Ed Schiller (consultant for Travertine) and Juan De Lara from Federated Insurance. Also part of John's group was Darin Schemmer, his communication's director.
Announcements included:
September 2nd, NO MEETING--it's Labor Day weekend.
September 14th, Board Meeting at La Quinta Chamber's office
November 4th-6th, District Conference in Cathedral City
One of the visitors had the winning ticket and was reimbursed $5.
Allan Levin was next on the agenda and he did raise some hard earned dollars.  Despite some recalcitrant members (initials only: FB and PR) Allan was able to reach into the pockets of many for birthdays, anniversaries, happy events, excessive talking. Also there were fines for tardiness including Palmer (wouldn't you know it?) and Joe.
After a break for eating, our speaker John Benoit was introduced by former president Dan. John, one of five Riverside County supervisors, said he attended his first Rotary meeting in 1988. He was invited by our esteemed member Dick Jandt.
John has the largest area of any in Riverside County-4800 sq miles- stretching from Palm Springs to Blythe. He proudly stated that he has put 16,000 miles on his Prius since January. He discussed a new large development- Travertine Point- which is near the Salton Sea and will have 16,600 planned residences on 5,000 acres. John, a former highway patrol member, spoke of the new Sheriff's department building down by the Thermal Airport. He also announced the Air Show at the Thermal Airport on November 5th.
The meeting was adjourned with the reading of the Four Way Test. Don't forget--