Posted by Bruce Cathcart on Feb 01, 2019
Sandy, Arnie, Allan, Barry and Mark are greeted by Diane Kelly, Dr. Bruce and Denn
President Robert welcomed everyone and had Marc Rosen lead us in the pledge.  One of our two GREAT INVOCATORS Wayne Olmsted gave another GREAT invocation asking for blessings upon all those who serve as our representative in public office stop squabbling and put their constituent’s interests first!
We had another good turn out today with several visiting Rotarians mostly from the Pacific Northwest states of  Washington and Oregon and of course it being Girl Scout Cookie time again of good friend Andrea Ducette from the Palm Desert noon club brought around a wagon full to share!
President Robert announced that the next club board meeting will be on February 12, 2018 at 5:30 at the offices of Osborne/Rincon (Corry’s office).
There will be a Rotary Club of La Quinta Foundation Board meeting on the same day (next Tuesday) at 12:00 noon to be held at Burgers and Beer in La Quinta (Costco Shopping Center).  All are welcome to attend.  Lunch is available but at your own expense!
Bob Wright announced that the RYLA interviews were now completed and that they committee has identified 16 very worthy candidates that it would like to sponsor scholarships for their attendance this year.  Unfortunately the club at this time only has the funds to send 12 students to RYLA.  Asking if there were any members present that would consider sponsoring the 4 remaining students at a cost of $350 each Dick Grund, Marc Rosen and Wayne Olmsted each stepped up and agreed to sponsor one student.  That left one scholarship left to be filled and the Club Foundation was asked if they could cover the cost of the remaining scholarship.  I am happy to announce that at a special board meeting held after last week’s general meeting that the Foundation Board approved paying for the fourth scholarship.
Dave Turner, our committee chairman for our March Wine Tasting Event, reminded us that each member be responsible for the sale of 4 tickets (at $45 each) whether they buy them or sell them, to assure that we have a successful event this year.  It appeared that the members were ready, willing and able to assist with this.
David also took this opportunity to announce that we have been asked to be bartenders at DESERT STOCK II scheduled for February 23, 2019.  Desert Stock I was an absolute blast from the past and we netted approximately $5K from this event a couple of years ago.  Dave passed out the preordered psychedelic Rotary T-shirts that we will be wearing at the event that will surely help us all stand out in the crowd.   We have plenty of experienced bar tenders amongst our members so please come join the fun and help out where you can!
President Robert was presented with a check in the amount of $2,500.00 for our participation in the City of La Quinta’s “Brew in LQ” last November.
Marc Rosen updated the club members on the progress of the interview workshops to take place in March and asked for volunteers to help out.  This year Health Academy students will be also participating in the event along with the Public Service Academy students.  Interested members should contact Marc for more information on how to help out.
With well over $285 in the raffle this day Bob Woodward drew the white marble and won a whopping five dollars.
President Robert exchanged flags with visiting Rotarian Connie Ingrid from Forest Grove, Oregon.
Our beloved fine master Allan took to the podium and immediately auctioned off the fine free badge for the month of February.  After some very spirited bidding Dave Turner was the winning bidder at $65, just $7 more than the traditional buck a year for his February birthday… which happened to be on this very day!  And as everyone knows when that happens it is the ONLY time that our club sings.  Sadly and to no one’s amazement a very, very poor rendition of “Happy Birthday” was sung to Dave.  Next time he promised to pay an additional fine NOT to have the club sing to him!!!  Arnie paid for 3 no make-ups and was sans rotary pin, Greg Lane paid for his phone going off in the meeting for the 3rd meeting in a row, Kevin had a no make-up, and Sandy Stewart threw in $5 in hopes of a Ram’s win in the upcoming Super Bowl.  Our returning scribe Bruce Cathcart having missed his wife Lora’s birthday in December threw in $63 for her birthday (without disclosing her age) and another $37 for anything else Allan might have missed in his extended absence.  Similarly Doug Motz matched Bruce’s contribution for his wedding anniversary to Carole and a cover photo and article in the La Quinta Gem featuring Doug and his granddaughters playing golf and representing “the Future of Golf in the Coachella Valley”.  Dick Grund offered a few bucks in support of the Washington Huskies men’s basketball team that is currently dominating the Pac 12 this season and finally Bob Wright added $16 for the 16 RYLA scholarships made possible by the generosity of our club, foundation and specifically Dick, Marc and Wayne’s above and beyond assistance.
Our speaker this day was Riverside and San Bernardino County’s State Assemblyman Chad Mayes.  Chad represents over 500,000 people in his district.  He shared with us some of his history growing up in Yucca Valley as the son of a pastor and a school teacher, his college education, his internship with John Ashcroft and getting elected to the Yucca Valley City Council at the age of 25 only to become the City’s mayor 2 years later.  Chad got into politics at an early age and is guided by his mission to “make people’s lives better” by always doing what is best for his constituents rather than being ruled by party politics.  Sadly Chad admits that for the other elected officials in Sacramento today it is ONLY about “winning” and that party politics rule the day (he even shared with us that the same is true at the federal level).  As a member of the Republican Party he explained to us how the Democrats control the State Senate by a margin of 30 to 10 and that they control the State Assembly 61 to 19 and that winning is no longer even an option for the Republicans in the state of California.  Chad very patiently answered all of our member’s questions and was a pleasure to hear speak.  Thank you Chad for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to come and speak at our club meeting and we thank you for your service!
President Robert called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart