President Corry Hunter called the 4th meeting of the 28th year of our La Quinta Rotary Club to order and had Mayor Don Adolph lead us in the pledge.  Ed Casey followed the flag salute with a very nice invocation.Image

Greg, Sandy and Dick are greeted by Baird and Tom



At the greeting table this week was Baird Boucher taking attendance, Tom McDermott selling lunch tickets and Sandy Stewart selling Raffle tickets.  


Ed Casey had his daughter and son-in law as our only guests this day!


President Corry makes this week's announcements


President Corry made good on his promise to keep the announcements short this week reminding us of the following:


The next club board meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 20th, at Baird Boucher’s (Wholesale Jewelry) store in La Quinta starting at 5:30 PM.


Dues notices went out so it is time to pay up!  $190.00 this year and still a bargain!


The Patriot Ride/Walk will be held on October 25, 2014 and Corry is already looking for helpers to set up directional signs starting in La Quinta.


Rotary Aprons will be on sale with Sandy Lauer heading up the purchasing department.  The aprons will be ½ off… well; actually the club will pay the other half.  More info to follow!


And finally, the Membership Assembly will be held this Saturday, August 8, 2014 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fontana starting at 7:30 AM!



Favorite server Emilio with Salmon Salads

The lunch choices today were the Cliff House Salmon Salad, the traditional Chicken Caesar salad with fresh parmesan cheese and homemade Caesar dressing, or a bowl of Japanese Chowder (rumored to be made with real Japanese!) accompanied by ½ a grilled cheese sandwich, all served with a nice slice of Ice Cream Pie to top everyone’s meal off!


Rotarians and Guests gather in fellowship

Lucky Ed Casey was our raffle winner with about $183.00 in the pot.  Ed drew the white marble and only took home $5.00 of it… but more on “Lucky Ed Casey” below!


Our still new Fine Master Walter Keating stepped up to the podium and auctioned off the Fine Free Badge.  With so many August birthdays the bidding was quite spirited as Bruce Cathcart dropped out at $50.00 and Ed Casey dropped out at $75.00 making Joe La Mantia our winner this month.  Helen Anderson paid $40.00 for her birthday and Dick Anderson paid $40.00 for his wife Helen’s birthday.  Greg Lane paid $50.00 for his birthday, Ed Casey paid $80.00 for his birthday (yep, a buck a year!), Walter Keating paid $60.00 for his birthday and anniversary.  Bruce Franklin was the only one who couldn’t come up with a decent excuse for a no make-up, Mayor Don threw in a few bucks for USC being rated in the top 20 for football this year (Walter reminded him that Oklahoma was rated #3), President Corry tossed in a couple of bucks, one for USC and the other because favorite server Emilio found his car keys.  David Turner was only $5.00 late this week reversing a trend of otherwise timely arrivals, Baird Bouchee’s phone went off during the fining (really bad timing Baird!), and Lucky Ed Casey threw in $140.00 representing 1% of his winnings at the local casino!  Finally, Nick Kraushaar posed a trivia question about the country of origin for Mr. Smithsonian.  Was he an American, an Italian or an Englishman?  According to Nick he never set foot in America, but was buried here… literally setting both feet here permanently.  David Turner guessed wrong and as it turns out Mr. Smithsonian was an Englishman.  And that’s when the trouble started.  According to several club members his name was NOT Smithsonian, but rather Smithson and David should not have to pay… but he did, being the good sport that he always is!


President Corry with our speaker Ricardo Breceda


Our speaker this day was the very polite, very humble, and very talented and entertaining artist/sculptor/designer Ricardo Breceda.  Born in Durango Mexico, Ricardo has lived in California for the last 25 years.  He has been creating his (metal) animal kingdom, since the release of the movie Jurassic Park III.  His daughter’s enthusiasm over dinosaurs sparked his interest in the creation of these prehistoric beasts. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion to transform metal into incredible life like creations. Since then Ricardo has become a well-known sculptor / designer. One of his largest collections can be appreciated in the city of Borrego Springs, California where thousands of people from around the world come to see over two hundred of Ricardo’s metal sculptures. They find out it is much bigger and amazing than what they have heard. 



One of his most famous art pieces is the horses that appear to be jumping over Highway 79 as you approach the city of Temecula where Ricardo has his studio.  As Ricardo says, “All I require is a photo or sketch and I’ll create a unique sculpture for you!”  Ricardo has also published a book called “The Accidental Artist” that is available through  To learn more about Ricardo please visit his website at




President Corry closed out the meeting leading the members in the four way test.


This week’s newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart