“It was a dark, stormy day with lightning striking the peaks around us …. “.  Actually it was another beautiful day in the Coachella Valley when the La Quinta Rotary Club meeting was called to order by President Doug.  After leading us in the pledge, he asked Dan to offer the invocation. 
While few in number, we did have visiting Rotarians from North Carolina, Livermore and El Monte.  Victoria introduced her guest, Alma, from Provident Bank.
Alma won the live auction for the Chardonnay!
Dick Jandt reminded all about the City picnic next Saturday.  All are members are invited to turn out and help pass hot dogs to the party goers.
If you are returning from Arizona, you might notice the Rotary Billboard near Fantasy Springs at Golf Course Drive. 
Marc gave a report on the results of the scholarship interviews.  There will be thirteen scholarships presented to La Quinta High School senior this year.  Marc thanked his committee for a great job.
Victoria offered a brunette joke about the M&M sorter who was fired for throwing out the candies with W’s.  It took a while for some to come to a full understanding of the joke.
Marc was again center stage as a five dollar raffle winner.
Allan was nowhere to be seen; so Bruce stepped up as an able replacement.  He immediately fined himself and David Turner for tardiness.  Abraham celebrated a birthday, as did Bob Wright’s wife.  Andy had one no make-up.  There were a number of happy dollars given for various and sundry reasons, the most notable of which was Dick Grund’s gift for being “Allan free” until he returns in the Fall.
Bryan Newman, owner of Pedego Bike Shop in Old Town, was our speaker.  He gave some interesting insights from being on the pro golf tour for seven years.  Last year, while trying to woo a sponsor, he was counter-wooed by the potential sponsor into opening the first Pedego Bike Shop in the Coachella Valley.  The shop opened on March 13, 2015 and has been growing ever since.  Plans are now in the works to open a second shop in Palm Springs.  Pedego bikes employ electric motors that allow the user to pedal ride normally, use pedal with motor assist or, when you are really tired, use motor only.  The high end bikes will get 50-60 miles on a charge and can travel up to 25 MPH.  They can also be configured to carry your golf clubs in lieu of using a golf cart.  Prices range from $2295.00 to $3295.00.  Bryan has graciously offered a one hour free trial ride for two, a 10% discount on longer rentals and a $200 discount on new bike sales.  On May 7th & 8th he will be selling this season’s rental bikes.  Go on down and look for some good deals.  To learn more about Bryan and Pedego Bikes please go to his website at www.pedegoelectricbikes.com.
President Doug ended the meeting with the Four Way Test at 1:30 PM.
This newsletter was written by Dick Anderson