President Corry Hunter called the 37th meeting of the 28th year of La Quinta Rotary to order at 12:17 (according to some).   The pledge was led by Sandy Stewart and the invocation given by Jennifer Donais.
Announcements included:
We will be DARK May 22nd- enjoy the long weekend!!!!
Board Meeting May 20th at 5:30 PM at Boucher Fine Jewelers.
Paul Harris- If you haven’t contributed as of yet this year, please sign up for DDF for this to be done electronically and efficiently.  Forms are found on the main check in table.  We are at 25% of total participation- everyone needs to get this done in the next few weeks so that we will continue to qualify for grants, etc.
We will be serving beer at the Palm Springs Air Museum again from 11-3 on Memorial Day- contact Allan Levin for additional details.
Demotion party for Corry is set for June 27th- waiting for final confirmation from La Quinta Resort.
Raffle pot was $846 today and Sandy Lauer picked the black marble to claim the big prize- Congrats Sandy!
Nick Kraushaar came to the podium to introduce a few members of this year’s Mock Trial team and the teacher, Shannon Fix, who helps coach the team during the year.  Nick complimented Shannon on being an excellent teacher and coach in his observations of her. This year the team took home two awards in Riverside County- best Bailiff and best Witness with around 22 teams participating. They appear in front of multiple panels of judges.  Some of the team members had to take on multiple roles and pinch hit with roles due to circumstances. There are some team members who are younger this which is a good thing in they will have multiple years on the team.  Thanks to Nick for helping out with this team- an important task as the majority of them when asked said they were interested in a field of law. 
Walter Keating took to the podium and welcome new member Robert Wilkinson who had 2 no make ups and seems to be hanging out with the Indian Wells Rotary as of late.   David Archer was kind enough to fill in carrying the money basket for absent Dough Motz.  Sandy Lauer will donate her winnings at the next meeting as Tom needs to write her a check for her winnings.  Marc Rosen contributed $50 as he is leaving to return to Salinas and will return to our club sometime in October.  Rey Neufeld contributed some happy dollars for his grandchild graduating from Cal State Fullerton.  Bruce Underwood gave some happy dollars for a house guest of theirs that has been a member of the Rotary relief project in Haiti for many years. 
Our speaker today was Jo Rosen from the Parkinson’s Resource Organization.  This non profit was formed in 1990 and is a resource for many who are affected by Parkinson’s, including their families and caregivers.    Jo started this organization after her husband was diagnosed in 1989 to meet the needs of people in the areas of support groups, resources, educational outreach, etc.  Parkinson’s is not an age related disorder- the youngest person diagnosed in the US is 4 years old.  Parkinson’s is a movement disorder that originates in the brain (neurological) due to a plaque buildup.  This is progressive disease with five distinct phases.   There is no diagnostic test to determine 100% that someone has the disease- this can only be done at autopsy after one passes.   Symptoms that may lead to clinical diagnosis may be a tremor or rigid behavior, shuffling, etc.  If a person responds to a certain drug to alleviate the symptoms, it is then diagnosed as Parkinson’s currently.  Jo answered many questions of our audience and also spoke of a privately owned biotech firm that she believes is on the cutting edge of a cure for Parkinson’s- in order to attack the plaque, the blood brain barrier must be penetrated.  More information on the resources offered along with the Wellness Village Jo also mentioned can be found at the website 
At 1:25 President Corry Hunter called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
This Newsletter was written by Jennifer Donais