What a great turnout we had for the meeting Friday – Rotarians were in the house! Visiting Rotarians included Bill Groth (Livermore, CA) and Diane Eaton (Indiana).

Jim Dorr unveiled the new prize format for our upcoming golf tournament. Instead of playing for a trophy, each team in the event will be playing for one of ten selected charities. The winning team will have $1,000 donated in their name to the charity for which they played, second place will be a $750 donation and third will be a donation of $500. This should give us a big boost in recruiting sponsors for our event. Speaking of sponsors, if every member sold only three $100 Tee signs, the event would make over $15,000 in addition to the raffle and major sponsor support. This is an "all hands" event and needs the active participation of every member to be successful.

Reminders were given for a number of upcoming events –
October 27 – Chamber Mixer at Washington Gardens - See Dave Archer
October 30 – Club support for Salvation Army Veterans Fair - See Lothar Vasholz
November 5 &6 – Robots Under the Stars – Information at www.smarteducation.us
November 6 – Frisbee Toss Off with our Interact Club at Adams Park from 4-6 p.m.
November 12 - District Governor's club visit
November 13 – Paul Harris Foundation Gala – Sign up on our web link on this bulletin

November 19 – Club Assembly We are pleased to welcome back to Rotary and our club, Wells Marvin. Wells is the developer of the "new" Old Town La Quinta. He is a past member of the club and has returned to La Quinta after spending the last few years in the Bay area. Welcome back, Wells!

The raffle resulted in a big winner. Bret Anderson pulled the black ball and was rewarded with $283.00. Congratulations, Bret.

With the end of summer and the return of Rotarians, Sergeant at Arms Allan recognized several members for "no make ups" and several others who seemed to have left their Rotary pin at home. Mayor Don offered "happy dollars" for an endorsement of his candidacy by The Desert Sun. Dick Jandt followed suit for an endorsement for Terry. There were several "Happy Dollars" in anticipation of big wins this weekend.

Our speaker was Steve Nash, Executive Director of the Palm Springs Art Museum. Built in 1976 with the help of the Annenberg Foundation, the museum now encompasses 150,000 square feet of exhibition and office space. The museum focus is on 20th century modern and contemporary art forms in paintings, sculpture, glass, wood and photography. While it hosts many traveling art exhibitions, the museum permanent collection includes over 50,000 photographs and 20,000 other objects of art.

Steve shared a photo presentation with us that included pictures of the results of a three year exhibit hall and theater restoration project. The results give the museum a greater sense of space and take advantage of natural light while protecting the art work. The Annenberg Theater, which can accommodate 430 guests, was restored to its original design.

The museum includes many outreach and community support programs. More than 40,000 people have taken advantage of the museum's classes and lecture series. Over 10,000 students have participated in youth classes. The museum is also in the process of establishing a satellite facility in Palm Desert to better serve the eastern part of the valley. During the question and answer period, Joe LaMantia made a great suggestion to Steve, asking him to consider some form of partnership with the La Quinta Museum.