Bruce, Cory, Allan and Nick are greeted by Eunice, Baird and Adrian
The meeting was lightly attended by approximately 20 members, and was opened with the pledge of allegiance and a prayer by President Doug Motz.
It was noted that this would be President Doug’s last official meeting as President as he will be succeeded by our soon to be announced new President Tom McDermott on Friday, 6/24/16.
Doug’s official Demotion Party will be held at 5:30 PM, Tuesday evening, 6/28/16, at the Cliff House.  All La Quinta Rotarians are expected to attend this event – and to bring their spouse or significant others!
Jokes of the week were presented by our official comedienne, Victoria Llort, as follows:
She asked the group, “What Bow can’t be tied?”… and then offered the corny punch line, “Beau Bridges”, extracting the usual groan from our appreciative audience.  Reaching even further for another humorous tidbit, Victoria posed the question, “Why was the strawberry so distraught?”  She then offered the answer, “Because he found his parents in a jam!”
Jeff Fishbein won the daily raffle – netting $5.00.
Allan Levin took charge with his Fine Master duties and Adrian Gysi and Sandy Lauer helped out $5.00 each on general principles.  Brett Anderson very generously put in $50.00, and Jeff Wattenbarger added $10.00 to celebrate the graduation of his 2 granddaughters in Pomona.   Dave Turner contributed $10.00 in honor of his father’s 83rd birthday!  Jeff Fishbein offered another $5.00 to his daily contributions in celebration of being treated to a romantic cruise by his all too generous girlfriend!  Doug Motz added $4.00 to the pot in celebration of another special occasion for his granddaughters, and Merv Kolb popped for $20.00 on general principles!
Speaker of the day - Mitch Blumberg
Our speaker for the day was local non-profit Executive, philanthropist, and hopefully prospective new Rotarian, Mitch Blumberg.
Mitch is Senior VP of local charity, Desert Arc, which provides developmental services to over 700 adults with developmental disabilities. He leads a staff of 250.  Mitch shared with us the very interesting charter and scope of Desert Arc and its remarkable programs for the many needy clients it supports.  Mitch shared his extensive educational background and numerous achievements in businesses and higher education -public and private.  He is a venture capitalist, a former professor at Harvard and Rice Universities and is locally active in numerous educational, civic and religious organizations, several of which he serves on the boards of directors.
Photo Credit this week goes to Victoria Llort.  Unfortunately the Club Runner newsletter program does not tolerate photos shot in the vertical format!
This newsletter was written by Andy Lorenz