Andy, Nick and Dan are greeted by Eunice, Baird and Adrian
Last Friday, the La Quinta Rotary Club witnessed the peaceful transition of power to the new governing team headed by President Doug Motz.  President Doug called the meeting to order by ringing a large cow bell that he received for Father’s Day.  There has to be a story behind this one.  After leading the pledge, he called on Bruce Underwood to offer an invocation.  While thought provoking, it was only a couple of sentences from being a homily.  President Doug then displayed our new Rotary International flag for this year, bearing the motto “Be a Gift to the World.”
We welcomed visiting Rotarians from Washington and Desert Hot Springs.  Other visitors included Vern, opening a new energy conservation company, Nick, with plans for a new home care for seniors service and W. Bruce, a business planner. 
President Doug thanked Sandy Stewart for a wonderful demotion party.  A big “Well Done” goes to past president Corry Hunter.  Our new President then presented welcoming gifts to two new Board members, Dick Anderson and Tom McDermott. 
President Doug passed out a leaflet that is the hallmark of his administration –
What’s Rotary
It is a leadership organization…
We’re made up of local business, professional and civic leaders.
We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships, and through that, we’re able to get things done in this community.
He then introduced Victoria Llort who will be our new webmaster, communications director, and social media guru.  Dick Anderson was thanked for his job on the Club Foundation Board.  His three year term completed, nominations were opened to elect his replacement. 
Bruce is shown here with other board members Dave, Doug and Corry
After a short, but heated, nomination process, Bruce Cathcart was unanimously elected to serve on the Foundation Board.
There was a $5.00 winner in our raffle, but I lost track of who the winner was due to the raucous celebration following Bruce’s election.
Speaking of Bruce, he took the podium as Finemaster.  Our regular Finemaster, Allan Levin, was reportedly seen at Comic Con in San Diego impersonating Spider Man.  What a picture that would be! 
You asked for it!
After some spirited bidding, Andy Lorenz was the successful bidder on the Fine Free Badge.  Recognition was given to David Turner (club anniversary) and Sandra Moffitt-Adams (club and wedding anniversary). 
Adrian Gysi returned from his annual trip to Switzerland and presented the club with a number of Swiss Rotary Club flags. 
Bruce made an attempt to engage the members in answering some Rotary trivia questions, but it became quickly evident that we need more study time to prepare for such an effort.  Happy Dollars were offered by Helen Anderson for the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team winning the World Cup (much applause).    Sandra Lauer was happy for being in attendance and Corry Hunter for being in attendance and in the audience.  Bruce Underwood and Joe LaMantia were also happy Rotarians.
Our presentation today was a craft talk by our newest Rotarian, Victoria Llort.  Victoria was born near Grenoble, France and moved to the desert at a tender young age.  She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Redlands and is pursuing a Masters degree in Political Science.  Victoria is the Director of Fund Raising for the American Outreach Foundation.  They are located in Rancho Mirage and provide reconditioned electric wheelchairs to valley seniors.  Their motto is “To Make People Happy.”  She loves pop music – AC/DC, Michael Jackson and Queen.  Her musical antics in school earned her the nickname MJ.  Welcome to the club, Victoria.  You will make a great addition.
President Doug closed the meeting with the recitation of the Four Way Test. 
This newsletter was written by Dick Anderson