President Tom called the meeting to order at 12:15 and led us in the pledge.  He also offered the invocation.  Our snowbird population is beginning to show as visiting Rotarians were introduced.
There was a reminder about the upcoming Holiday Party and the Franklins and a sign up sheet was circulated.  Strut Your Mutt and an April Wine Tasting event are on track.  In Victoria’s absence, President Tom offered today’s joke.  Cliff Weaver was a $5.00 winner in the raffle. 
Finemaster Allan took the podium to recognize our recent hits and misses.  Birthdays and anniversaries were noted as was the failure of several members to make up for missed meetings.  There were happy dollars and sad dollars given, depending on how favorite teams fared. 
Dick and Helen Anderson were our speakers today and provided an update on the East Coachella Valley Water Project.  They also showed a video produced by the Riverside County department of Environmental Health.  This video has been presented at a national and state conference on water. 
In 2014, the La Quinta and Palm Desert (Noon) Rotary Clubs partnered with the Swan City Rotary Club in Alberta, Canada to accomplish a reverse International Matching Grant focused on needs in the east Coachella Valley.  Thirteen other desert clubs also contributed to the grant.  The grant had two components: (1) provide a refrigeration unit to the Galilee Center in Mecca to facilitate storage of donated perishable food products and (2) to provide water filters to remove excessive arsenic and fluoride in the water supplied to the mobile home parks in the east valley used by the agricultural workers.  This work was completed in 2015.
The La Quinta Rotary Club voted to continue water filter installations as a Community Service Project with its Riverside County and non-profit partners.  Additional local grant funds were received and the project has installed filters in three parks in addition to the four in the original grant.  A total of 72 connections have been installed.  There are 16 additional filter units waiting to be installed.  The project is also providing the initial round replacement cartridges for the filters.  Park residents will pay for the filters in the coming years and are being trained to replace them as scheduled.  Installation and replacement oversight is being provided by Riverside County Department of Environmental Health.  Money remains in the project’s account to accomplish additional installations when identified by the County.