Posted by Bruce Cathcart on Oct 04, 2018
Sandy, Allan, Dave and Rey are greeted by Corry, Dr. Bruce and Dan
President Robert welcomed everyone, including our District Governor Ricardo Loretta and had Dick Jandt lead us in the pledge.  Returning past member and visiting Rotarian Lothar Vasholz gave the invocation.
We had a much better turn out today in support of our District Governor’s visit and the induction of Mayor Linda Evans as our first “Honorary” (until we come up with a better name for it) member.
Shown here is our District Governor Ricardo, Mayor Linda Evans and ADG and visiting Rotarian Charlie Riggs (PTP Rotary).
Visiting Rotarian and past La Quinta Rotary member Lothar Vasholz has returned to the Desert and once again will be a resident here.  The club welcomed Lothar back with open arms and we all hope that he will once again become a member of our club!
Karen Collins was our only guest today returning for her third visit as Sandy Lauer’s guest.
President Robert announced that the next club board meeting will be on October 10, 2018 at 5:30 at the offices of Osborne/Rincon (Corry’s office).
Robert will be caravanning 18 La Quinta High School Interact members up the hill on September 29th to participate in a joint volunteer program/fund raiser with the Big Bear Interact Club distributing phone books.  It should be a fun event and a great way “to build better friendships” for our Interact students.
Robert shared with us that the fund raising efforts for fellow Rotarian Johnny Robert’s cancer treatments for throat cancer are ongoing.  For more information on how you can help please contact Robert.
And finally Robert let us know that our annual wine tasting fund raiser scheduled for next spring is STILL in need of a new Chairperson to help organize the event.  This is not our first Rodeo… or wine tasting event either!  There is a team in place with a practiced game plan.  We just need someone to step up and coordinate the process.  Anyone interested is asked to contact Robert.
Dave Turner announced that we have a new fund raising opportunity coming up on October 5, 2018 where we have been invited to pour beer/wine/margaritas at the Corona Yacht Club from 5-9 in Coachella.  If this event is half as much fun as the RV 60’s event was we are all guaranteed to have a great time!  If interested in participating email Dave Turner.
With $99 in the raffle this day Greg Lane drew the white marble and won only the $5 consolation prize.
After a short induction ceremony performed by our District Governor, Linda Evans is “pinned” by her sponsor Dr. Bruce Underwood.  Welcome Linda!  We are so proud to have you as a member of our Rotary Family!!!
Our beloved fine master Allan took to the podium and immediately fined himself and President Robert for both arriving late to the District Governor’s pre-meeting with the club’s board members.  Corry’s phone had gone off earlier in the meeting and there was a question about his corporate dues not being paid… Corry did admit to sending himself the invoice but passed the bill up the chain of command to his boss Lee Osborne for the actual payment of said bill.  And so Corry paid a small fine for the phone call and a couple bucks in late fees for the unpaid dues.  Greg Lane had a no make-up and so he repatriated his $5 winnings from the raffle.  Sandy L. also confessed to having a no make-up and then admitted that she was so happy to be back from her recent trip to Boston that she contributed $25!  Brett had a no make-up and Denn threw in a fiver for missing the last meeting due to a dead battery in his car.  Dr. Bruce celebrated Kansas coaching staff… despite recent losses and finally Bruce C. added $20 in celebration of DG Ricardo’s visit and the chance to meet his ADG Charlie.
DG Ricardo presents President Robert with a reproduction 100th Anniversary Rotary bell made by the famous Marinelli Bell Co. which has been in business for over 1,000 years!
Dave Turner was also given an inspirational memento of the Governor’s visit for being one of our club’s “Unsung Heroes”!
Our speaker this day was our District 5330 Governor Ricardo Loretta whose home club is the Palm Desert noon club.  Ricardo began by asking our members the question, “Why are you a Rotarian?”  He then went on to share with us some history about how organizations came to into existence over 150 years ago as an organized way to allow people to help other people starting Jean Henry Donant (who won the Noble Peace Prize in 1901) and whose efforts led to the creation of the Red Cross organization.  Ricardo pointed out that this was an organization that only helped others when a disaster struck.  We all know our own history of Rotary and how founder Paul Harris began our organization shortly thereafter in 1908… with the motto of “Service above Self”.  As an organization Rotary International would become the world leader in helping others at all times and in all ways and not just in response to a disaster situation (although we do that too!).
Ricardo then shared his personal history with Rotary and ultimately his reason for being a Rotarian.  “At first” he told us, “Rotary was about service to Ricardo” as it provided him with introductions worldwide into the business communities which he served in the 1980’s.  He then took a short break from Rotary (about 25 years!) and rejoined the Palm Desert Club in 2009 where he learned through helping others at the Galilee Center in Thermal the real meaning of Rotary and his reason for being a Rotarian.  You see, Rotary was the vehicle that helped him to help others.  While doing an online make-up the other day I read how another Rotarian summed it up in a slightly different way, but with the same meaning. “Rotary gives the individual the opportunity to help change the world for the better in an organized way”.  Personally I like that about Rotary as it allows each of us as individuals to unite under a common banner for the common good… and it starts with each of us in our home towns, and like the proverbial pebble in the pond, ripples out our help and service to all parts of the world wherever there is a need.
Thank you District Governor Ricardo for visiting our club this day and inducting our newest member and for your inspirational presentation!
President Robert called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart