Posted by Bruce Cathcart on Dec 15, 2017
Joe, Merv, Dick, Rey, Tom and Allan are greeted by Dr. Bruce, Sandy, and Crewman #7
President Baird (recently back from his trip to Paris) called our meeting to order promptly at 12:15 and lead us in the pledge of allegiance. Past member Cory Kelly gave the invocation.
We had a few visiting Rotarians this day that included Dick from Pocod(?)(LOL), Jerry from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and our good friend Barry from So. Elmonte.  Also in attendance were our speaker and past La Quinta Rotary club member Cory Kelly as well as past La Quinta Rotary Club member Jennifer Donais. [Editor’s note here: Thank you Jennifer for taking notes for me while I was out purchasing a power cord for our projector… where the heck is Pocod anyway?].
President Baird made the following announcements/reminders:
Special thanks to Sandy Stewart for all of her hard work to make the Holiday Party such a fun and successful event!  Many thanks again go to Dick and Victory Grund for hosting our event on their Old Town Artisan Studios campus.
President Baird has named Sandy Stewart “Rotarian of the Year”!
Club member Jimbo Dorr remains at Eisenhower Hospital suffering from pneumonia… talking seems to be a problem at this time so no phone calls or visits are suggested.
New members who still need to be “Live Scanned” can see Joe LaMantia for more information.
Joe LaMantia reminded everyone about the Rotary Direct program and that flyers can be found at the greeting table.
Allan Levin announced that the Club had received a check from Props and Hops in the amount of $1,500.00 for lending them our “Beer Pouring” expertise at their annual event.  From that Allan noted we will be contributing $250 to the Rotary Club from Cathedral City for their assistance.
With $127 in the jackpot, Cory Kelly’s ticket was drawn and remembering proper club etiquette Cory drew a white marble winning the $5 consolation prize.
Last year’s Runner-up in the Rotary Club of La Quinta’s annual Ugly Sweater Competition (Bruce Cathcart) was this year’s Winner!  Since there were only 3 bottles of wine Bruce forfeited his bottle so the three runner ups could each take home a prize.  By the way, this is the ONLY photo that Bruce did not take this day.
Our Fine Master Allan Levin returned from his vacation in the Bahamas and complained about how cold the weather was here in the Coachella Valley at only 80 degrees! (Just kidding here, Allan would never go on vacation!).  Tom McDermott paid for his wife Yolanda’s birthday as did Dick Jandt for his wife Terry’s birthday.  Dr. Bruce paid a few bucks in celebration of Chanukah and referred to it as the “Season of Miracles”.  Merv threw in a few bucks for his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers big game on Saturday (sorry Merv, they lost to the Patriots 27-24) and of course Dick Grund had to match Merv’s enthusiasm for his beloved Seahawks in a very important game with the Rams (also sorry Dick as the Seahawks lost 42-7 Ouch!)  Next time maybe a larger donation might insure a win!!! (A win for the La Quinta Rotary that is!).  Brett, Sandy Lauer and President Baird each had a no make-up or two, Joe LaMantia chipped in for the entertainment value of the ugly sweater competition, Bruce C. paid in honor of the new flag pole installed at the Cliff House which allowed “old Glory” to be seen from our meeting room… which may eliminate the need to erect our porta flag pole each week at future meetings and last but not (too) late Dave Turner paid for arriving just ever so slightly tardy for the meeting.
Our speaker this day was our very own Cory Kelly.  Cory has been working with the Scientists at Humin Earth, an organic fertilizer company located in Golden Valley, Arizona.  His initial work there involved a plan to remediate the Salton Sea.  Along with the folks at Humin Earth they were able to come up with an organic solution to: Remediate chemicals and hydrocarbons in soil and irrigation water; Remediate toxic effects of pesticides and herbicides; And to reduce salinity levels.  But despite their best efforts to work with the State of California and the various and appropriate agencies they have had little success in being considered as part of the solution for the remediation of the Salton Sea.  Their work has not gone unnoticed however and they now have contracts and grant money with several foreign countries (Afghanistan, Iraq and others) where they have been hired to remediate the soil and bring modern agricultural practices to these areas.  The goal is to make these countries more productive and self-sustaining with a side benefit to growing a cash crop other than the Opium Poppies currently grown in these areas.  We were all very pleased to see Cory and excited to hear about the work that he is doing now.  As World Peace is always the prime goal of Rotary the products that Cory is developing and working with can certainly be a key factor in someday reaching that goal.  Thank you Cory for a very enlightening presentation and keep up the good “Service Above Self”!  To learn more about Humin Earth please visit their website at
 President Baird called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart