President Robert introduced our very own Dr. Bruce Underwood. Bruce is the Vice President of Healthy Futures & preventive care specialist who has dedicated his life to health and healing. Preventive Care Specialists provide integrated lifestyle counseling in the areas of addictive behaviors, exercise, nutrition, and stress for the prevention and treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases. This lifestyle counseling is provided on a personal, individualized basis
He earned his doctorate in preventive care and his second master’s degree in public health nutrition from Loma Linda University. He earned his first master’s degree in exercise physiology from the University of Kansas - Lawrence campus.  Dr. Underwood has taught at the graduate and undergraduate level in sports medicine for Chapman University. He served as the Sports Medicine Program Advisor for the Masters Degree Program in Sports Medicine at Chapman University.  Dr. Underwood has also taught at California State University – San Bernardino – Palm Desert Campus. He is currently an adjunct faculty for the University of California – Riverside School of Medicine. His research interest is in healthy aging.  He has published extensively and presented nationally on the topics of nutrition and exercise related to the older adult.  Dr. Underwood is interested in helping people to reduce their risk of addictions, diseases and increasing their chances of a long, healthy future. 

Dr. Bruce has spoken to us a few times before in hopes of enlightening us and helping us all to lead healthier lives.  His presentation this day was on how the body functions with regard to our Bio Chemical and Bio Electrical systems.  Dr. Bruce began by asking us all how we are doing… and how can we do better?  We all know that Dr. Bruce is a big proponent of eating appropriately to improve our status/well-being and to let food be our medicine.  He informed us that each of our bodies produces an electromagnetic field and that healthy cells with healthy cell membranes create this energy and enhance the function of our circulatory system.  He then introduced us to a device called a “BEMER” that when used on the body creates a pulse electromagnetic field that has proven to increase circulation (especially micro circulation) leading to a healthier circulatory system and a healthier body!  As always Dr. Bruce made an excellent and very informative presentation.  To learn more about Dr. Bruce and the BEMER please check out his website