President Sandy Stewart called the 34th meeting of the 28th year of our La Quinta Rotary Club to order and had Jimbo Dorr to lead us in the pledge.  This was followed with a very nice invocation from Andy Lorenz.


Nick is welcomed by Tom Corry and Baird at the greeting table

At the greeting table this week was Tom McDermott taking attendance, Corry Hunter selling lunch tickets and Baird Boucher selling Raffle tickets. 


Joining us today were several visiting Rotarians from all around the country including the “Fab Four” from Washington, Dick Ryck and his son Randy from Kansas, Ted Warner from 1000 Oaks, our good friend Barry from South El Monte and a whole delegation from White Rock, Canada! There were even a few prospective members in the audience including Diane Kelly’s guest Diana Weaver on her second visit to our club.


President Sandy makes this week's announcements

President Sandy made the following announcements: 

The next Club Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 16th at Baird Boucher’s (Wholesale Jewelry) store in La Quinta starting at 5:30 PM.

We will once again be cooking and giving away free hotdogs at the City of La Quinta’s birthday celebration at City Hall Park on April 26th.

The Rotary District Conference and Golf Tournament will be held on May 2-5 at the Doral Hotel in Cathedral City.


Old Town Girls Nicole and Anne are introduced to the members

President Sandy then introduced our two newest corporate members Nicole Saylor and Anne Davis the project manager and property manager (respectively) for Old Town La Quinta.

With $372.00 in the jackpot this week Dick Jandt drew David Turner’s winning ticket.  Lucky Dave as he will henceforth be known managed to pluck the black marble from a bag of white ones and took home the prize!


Favorite Server Amy with Salmon Salads

The lunch choices today were the Cliff House Salmon Salad on a bed of mixed greens with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, the traditional Chicken Caesar salad, or a bowl of Potato Fennel Soup accompanied by ½ a grilled cheese sandwich, all served with a nice slice of Ice Cream Pie to top everyone’s meal off!


Fine Master Allan delivers his weekly sermon

Allan Levin stepped up to the podium and immediately sold our newest Corporate Members Nicole Saylor and Anne Davis their new La Quinta Rotary Club Member’s badges.  Unfortunately Nicole was refunded her fine money when it was discovered that her badge listed her as Nicole Taylor!!!  Alternate targets were immediately located and fined for the error.  Lucky David Turner was relieved of just under 25% of his winnings,  Bruce Franklin paid $20 for no pin and a few other non-disclosed transgressions, Robert Wilkinson paid $55.00  for his wife Nancy’s birthday,  Allan kicked in $15.00 for his new car (a new Ford Explorer), Diane Kelly had happy dollars for her “grand dog” and to celebrate the SYM article in Palm Springs Life online magazine,  Corry Hunter paid $5.00 for being a bit tardy, Merv Kolb paid $5.00 for Arizona’s winning streak in the March Madness, Bruce Cathcart paid $5.00 for his shameless plug for his Real Estate Company (La Quinta Palms Realty) being located just 1 block north of this year’s Strut Your Mutt event and finally Marc Rosen offered up a few bucks in thanks for the participation of Joe LaMantia, Linda Tyer and Bruce Franklin’s help in judging the Four Way Test Speech contest recently held at the La Quinta High School.


Our speaker this day Carter Sing is introduced by Merv

Our Speaker this day was Carter Sing the owner / operator of Always Open Safe and Lock, a 24 hour locksmith company.  Carter is a third generation Coachella Valley resident who grew up working with his father in construction (Sing and Sons).  He spent 13 years in the Navy as an aviation electronics technician and aviation warfare specialist onboard the Lockheed P-3 Orion in support of Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Counter Narcotics Operations worldwide. After which he returned to his work in construction only to end up back in the desert in 2009 where he purchased the locksmith company.  He is a member of the Association of Locksmiths of America Security Professionals, Safe and Vault Technician Association and the International Association of Investigative Locksmiths.  Carter shared stories of his clients and of the many instances where he was called out to a home or business immediately after a robbery or break in had taken place (in order to re-secure the home or building).  He shared with us that most burglaries take place within gated communities and are almost always perpetrated by someone close to the owners, someone who knows the home or building and has the ability to “pattern” the occupant’s habits.  Maids, caregivers, non-licensed property managers, gardeners and even the onsite security officers are the most common culprits.  His best advice is to always be prudent and protect your belongings.  He recommends security cameras, good lighting and alarm systems, plus a bolted down, quality safe!  He stated unequivocally that you get what you pay for!  As for hotel room safes… forget about them!  There are “how to” programs on the internet that can teach you 5 different ways to break into them with just a paperclip!  He was a very informative speaker and we appreciate all of the good advice that he shared with us.  To learn more about Carter and Always Open Safe and Lock visit their website at

President Sandy closed out the meeting leading the members in the four way test.


This news letter was written by member Bruce Cathcart this week.