Allan is greeted by Eunice, Baird Victoria and Cory
President Doug Motz called the meeting to order at 12:15.  The pledge was said and the invocation given by Corry Hunter.
We had some visitors including Doug Motz's father Jeff Lilley and our affiliate member Sandra Moffitt also was present today.  We also had four prospective members with us.
Welcome back Sandra Moffitt
Announcements included:
The annual Veteran's Expo is coming next April but there was a signup sheet sent around to sign up for shifts for hot dog cooking and serving.
President Doug is looking for three additional members for his foursome at the Indio Rotary Golf Tournament September 19th at Terra Lago- early shotgun start- contact Doug.
Rotarians and friends gather in fellowship
There will be a guest bartender event at Old Town La Quinta with the La Quinta Brewing Company.  Scott Stokes the owner is opening up a tap room.  There will be an Oktoberfest theme and for every growler sold, there will be $2.00 going into our scholarship fund.  Carole will be distributing a flyer in the near future to help us spread the word.
The next board meeting will be September 16th at 5:30 at Doug's office.  Everyone is invited to attend.
President Doug encouraged everyone to check out the website every week.  All of the speakers that are scheduled until the end of January are listed along with all of the upcoming events.
Live Scan presentation will be next week. If you haven't been live scanned for the Rotary Club as of yet, please plan to attend this meeting and you will be live scanned with the cost covered by the Club- how convenient is that!!!
Dues are past due as of now if you haven't already made payment.  You will be publicly shamed soon by our own Allan Levin so pay up to escape the public humiliation to follow.
Nick Kraushaar gave us an update on the La Quinta High Mock Trial Team.  There are 12-13 returning members this year which is a big help to get a jump start.  The case materials have been released- a murder case that has some similarities to some of the news stories we have seen in the recent past.  Thank you to Nick for volunteering so many hours to impact these kids' lives!
Victoria Llort, our joke master, deferred to one of our prospective members Cory as he had a funny blonde joke- it was a pretty good one if you like fishing or blondes or both.
Update on Tom McDermott is that he is back home from the hospital and recuperating.  Please feel free to send a card or an email to him wishing him a quick recovery.  We hope to see him back at Rotary soon!
Our raffle was $109 today and the winner of $5 was (I have a terrible memory and the recorder didn’t' pick up who it was so…Jen)(It could have been Dick Jandt, but if it wasn’t, I’ll split the fine with you! Editor)
Our fine master, Allan Levin, started the fining with the revealing of the secret hand shaker, Baird Boucher.  Baird didn't give anyone up so Allan struck out on that collection method.  Clearly he has to pick someone less affable!  Doug Motz was razzed a bit for his lovely wife Carol's email about returning to our monthly meetings instead of weekly meetings. Corry Hunter was fined for birthdays, anniversaries, and missed meetingsHe asked if he could pay the interest today and the principal next week.  Bret Anderson owes a big pile of money- missed meetings, past dues, etc.  Dick Jandt claimed the rule of 85 for his missed meetings.   There were happy/sad/confessional dollars from Doug Motz, Jennifer Donais, Joe LaMantia, Dave Turner, Nick Kraushauer, Sandy Stewart, and Bruce Cathcart. 
 Walter caught eating while "on the job"
(On a side note, Walter Keating has given new meaning to the Fine Free Badge basket collector. Walter didn't want his sandwich to get cold so he proceeded to eat it while walking around with the collection basket- way to multitask Walter.  We can't wait to see how you handle the salad next week!)
Our speaker today was W. Bruce Seever, a business exit advisor.  His goals are to help business owners finish up what they started up.  He meets with the business owner to determine the financial readiness and mental readiness of the owner.  The things that make a business transferrable include profitability, sustainability, and if it can be transferred to someone else with business owner exiting.  He has successfully completed over three dozen transitions.  He stated he is a relationship advisor, not a transitional advisor.  He will bring in a business broker if a search is needed to find a buyer as he works for the owner to achieve the sale.   He answered many questions from the audience and offered a free consultation through the end of October if any Rotarian is thinking about exiting his business.  His website is
At 1:25 President Doug called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Jenifer Donais