President Doug Motz called the meeting to order at 12:15.  The pledge was led by our President and the invocation given by David Archer.
Allan Levin’s son, Jonathon Levin visited us and gave a quick pitch for his seminar on Mortgages held last Saturday for first time homebuyers- he works for Wells Fargo Mortgage if anyone is in the market for a mortgage.
Announcements included:
President Doug Motz presented the scholarship picture/plaque thank you to Vanessa Barajas from Rabobank, one or our major scholarship sponsors.
President Doug gave us an update from our International Rotary President- Nigeria passed the one year mark with no new polio virus cases- something to be proud about and celebrate.  The complete email was sent to us earlier in the day.
 President Doug’s wife Carol won a foursome golf for the Coachella Valley East Club September 19th tournament- let Doug know if you would like to participate on the team- event will be held at Terra Lago.
Victoria Llort was presented her Rotary Certificate and then she gave us an update on the social media.  The Facebook Page has been converted to a Fan Page. If you would like her to post something on that page, please email or text her and she would be happy to post it.  Please like the new page.
Sandy Stewart announced the membership summit to be held at Cal State San Bernardino Palm Desert Campus, July 30th at 5:30.  If you would like to attend, please let Sandy know- everyone is invited.  The District Chair on membership will be in attendance.
Victoria Llort graced us with a knock knock joke- the dry humor would have made Bill Cosgrove proud.
Raffle winner was Andy Lorenz and he agreed to donate back half to the club or approximately $124- thank you Andy!
Our fine master, Allan Levin, started fining for August since we will be dark. Allan contributed for Jon’s mortgage announcement to be given again. Doug Motz paid for his birthday.  Joe LaMantia contributed for his birthday and anniversary.  Jennifer Donais contributed for her husband Brad’s birthday and their anniversary.   Dan Fissori was fined for a cell phone ringing- rumor has it David Archer was the caller from across the room.  Andy Lorenz was the secret hand shaker and collected from the many who didn’t shake his hand.  There was then a quiz about who wrote the club bulletin- Dick Jandt answered incorrectly and was fined.  Rey Neufeld admitted that he didn’t read it and was also fined.  New member Benjamin Anglin answered correctly and was not fined.  Doug Motz contributed happy dollars for his daughter and granddaughter coming for a visit from Kansas.   Rey Neufeld contributed for 57 years of marriage to his beautiful wife Jean.
Our speaker today was Valerie Ward, Public Relations & Marketing for Burrtec.  Valerie has been with Burrtec for 14 years.  Valerie talked about acceptable and unacceptable recyclable items, where our garbage and recyclables goes once it leaves our bins, and a listing of the other items that Burrtec will collect include bulky item pickup and Christmas tree pickup.  She also reminded us NOT to put the entire tree upside down in the green bin.  We were shown a video of the sorting facility and the process that the items in the gray bins go through.  She also spoke about electronic waste, universal waste, and household hazardous waste.  She finished her presentation by handing out the City of La Quinta Residential Waste and Recycling Services guidebook.  She answered many questions and endured a running commentary from David Archer as he ran (or did not run) the computer power point for her.  Thank you for the education presentation.  My table partner, Benjamin Anglin summed up her presentation for me with “This was fun trash talk.” 
At 1:15 President Doug called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
I must give a special plug to our club photographer, Bruce Cathcart.  I think he was a member of the paparazzi in a previous life if you believe in that kind of thing.  Thanks for the great pictures and your enthusiasm in taking them each week!
This newsletter was written by Jennifer Donais
Editor's note:  Thank you Jennifer for the compliment for the photos I shoot each week... I almost edited it out since this was the first week that I actually deleted the photos from my camera before having a chance to publish them with your great newsletter!  I figure Allan would need something to start off his September fining with so I figured I would leave it in and just throw myself on my own sword!