President Robert Wilkinson called the meeting to order at 12:15pm. Walter Keating led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Allan Levine gave the invocation.

We had a couple of repeat visiting Rotarians along with many new visitors from places such as Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, New York and Wisconsin.  Also, Ed Casey’s daughter was with us again today and Jennifer Donais’ father in law, Don, was visiting from Minnesota.

Key Dates and Announcements:

Board Meeting February 13, 2013 at 5:30 pm - Lee Osborne’s board room on Corporate Way. 

RYLA interviews were done February 4th and Robert Wilkinson was happy to report we will be sending 10 La Quinta High School students to RYLA this year.  Robert was able to secure an additional 4 spots that weren’t being used by other clubs.

Tour de Palm Springs volunteers were out working while the rest of us sat and enjoyed our lunch.  Corry Hunter and team were busy placing barricades, etc. in preparation for the Saturday ride.

The flock is busy flying and will be may be landing on your lawn in the near future……..are you ready?

Taste of La Quinta will be held February 23rd from 1-4 pm with 26 restaurants participating.  Wine and food tasting is available for purchase.

4 Way Speech Test- Orientation will be next Friday, Feb. 15th- 14 or 15 students- see Marc Rosen if you are interested in helping out.

Strut Your Mutt- March 23rd- 10am to 4pm- vendors, contests, police dogs, guide dogs, etc.  See Dave Turner and committee for more details.  There will be flyers for members to distribute starting next week so get the word out to all your friends with furry friends of the event of the season.  More info can be found at

La Quinta Arts Festival-March 7-10- Dick Jandt once again looking for volunteers to sort and deliver lunches to the artists. Dick has been sending out email requests and you can sign up on the website.

The Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival is being held in our valley Feb. 15th-24th and three representatives in costume were there to promote the event. Queen Scheherazade and her two princesses spoke to our group about the many activities taking place- something for everyone.  Admission is free on Feb. 15th if you want to check it out!

Allan Levin, Sergeant at Arms, took the podium, and collected for the few sparse things he was able: some no makeups , Robert Wilkinson’s  birthday, and many happy dollars for travels, sports teams, etc. along with some football losses which were paid up………  All in all a quiet day for the club collection.


Our speaker was Ed DiNicola, Executive Director of Tools for Tomorrow.  Ed is a retired educator and administrator and ended up in the Executive Director position while simply trying to sign up as a teacher for the organization.  Tools for Tomorrow targets 3rd-5th graders in the valley who are in trouble academically.  Ed said that this is the age to target them and work with them as this is the first years of standardized testing.  Many of their participants don’t do well on these tests and so the dropout phenonmena begins early.  Tools for Tomorrow hires teachers in their areas of focus including art, music, creative writing and drama.  These areas promote critical thinking, emotional, cognitive, and social skills.  This is offered at no cost to the children.  Ed shared a couple of heartfelt stories with us and encouraged us to donate or share any “skills” we may have with the organizations in the valley working with youth.  More information can be found at their website:  Thanks Ed for the work you and your organization do in our valley!

President Robert Wilkinson thanked Ed for speaking and closed the meeting at 1:25 with the Four Way Test.