And the winner is....
It was almost anticlimactic! After months of selling raffle tickets, it was over in the blink of an eye. But the setup for the drawing of the winning ticket was the real show.

With the help and support of the terrific team at Trader Joe's in La Quinta, Saturday afternoon was an event to remember. Rotary was all over the front of Trader Joe's. We had our shade tent, sales desk and club signage right between the entrance and exit of the market. In front was the mobile broadcasting van for The Eagle 106.9 FM Classic Hits, broadcasting live, playing all the old classics and inviting everyone to come on down to the happening at Trader Joe's. At 3 p.m. Tyler and his musical friends from La Quinta High School performed live for an appreciative audience.

The real experience was watching a salesman par excellence do his thing. Andy Brakebill was at the top of his game as he greeted shoppers at Trader Joe's. Very few left that encounter without a raffle ticket. Who could resist the pitch that starts with "We are giving away $10,000 at 5 o'clock this afternoon". Merv Kolb was pressed into sales duty, but elected to use Diane Kelley's husband, Jim, as his "sales agent". The team did well. We had a number of other club members dropping in to help during the afternoon event.

And yes, we did have a winner. It was Betty Wolf of Indian Wells. It was announced on the radio and President Frank placed a call to our lucky winner.

Bravo Zulu (Navy talk, meaning Well Done) to the members of our club for making this fund raiser a success. It is not all about the money. Over the days, weeks and months of ticket sales, members worked as sales teams at markets, storefronts, the Desert Fair and other public venues. We had a chance to become better acquainted with each other and share some Rotary fellowship. And over the course of this event, we raised the public awareness of the La Quinta Rotary Club and how we serve our community. It was an effort of which we can all be proud.