Merv, Diane and President Corry are greeted by Sandy, Baird and Adrian this week
On a beautiful Friday afternoon, President Corry called to order the 27th meeting of the 28th year of La Quinta Rotary.  Bruce Franklin led us in the pledge and Robert Wilkinson offered an invocation.  Visitors included Rotarians from California, Minnesota and Washington.
Strut Your Mutt is just around the corner.  This is our major fund raiser.  It is time to buy your T Sign and sell some to other businesses.  The committee needs thirteen quality raffle items for the event.  Planning meetings are held at Corry’s office at 5:30 every Tuesday until the event on March 21st.  Let’s all get behind the event and help make this our biggest SYM ever!
In other announcements, Corry reported that the Tour D’ Palm Springs went off without a hitch and all riders were able to follow our direction signs.  A big thanks to Jim Dorr for making sure the signs were in the right place.  Lothar announced that our past member, Tom Leyda, was named Outstanding Salvation Army Volunteer for the Phoenix area.  If you have not already done so, please sign the posters supporting our local law enforcement team at our next meeting.  Dick Anderson presented Walter Keating with a Paul Harris pin Plus 6 (a pin with a single ruby).  Thank you, Walter, for your support of the Rotary Foundation. 
Walter then proceeded to be our $5.00 raffle winner.
This is sounding like a Walter day.  He was back to recognize club members for their achievements.  Finding all Rotarians with pins and badges, he went on to recognize Lothar Vasholz for his birthday.  He was serenaded with the birthday song, causing one member to remark that this is why we are not a singing club.  Happy Birthday Lothar!  This was a pretty happy bunch because about half the club had happy dollars for a number of good happenings. 
We gave a big welcome back to Marc Rosen.  He has some new internal parts and all seem to be working well.
We had two speakers today.  Helen Anderson gave a brief report on the trip to Guatemala in support of the Guatemala Literacy Project.  This was her eleventh trip along with Dick, and it was a great success.  The numbers speak for themselves.  There are now 164 schools with textbooks and 39 computer labs.  23,000 students are using the 116,000 textbooks in circulation.  Over 400 Rotary Clubs have contributed to the project since 1998, with 110 participating this year.  231 Rotarians from the U.S., Canada and the Cayman Islands have participated in the delivery of the program’s materials in Guatemala.  We met with our club scholarship student, Rosa, and it was great to see her blossom since our first meeting last year.  Well done to our club for its continuing support.
When asked how long he had been in the Navy, our next speaker responded:
All me bloomin life, sir.
Me mother was a mermaid and me father was King Neptune.
I was born on the crest of a wave and rocked in the cradle of the deep.
Seaweed and barnacles are me clothes.
I’s hard, I is, I am, I are.
Dick Anderson went on to recount some of his experiences from many years ago as a plebe at the Naval Academy.  He described it as an extended boot camp.  The memories are much fonder in retrospect than the experience at the time.  He offered some interesting definitions.  Zoomie (Air Force Cadet) – One of our collegiate buddies who lives at the government play school in Colorado Springs and wears a blue bus driver cap.  Woop (West Point Cadet) – Gray inmate of that isolated government institution which overlooks the Hudson.  “An aqua rock” – is a non-swimmer; one in training for submarine duty but lacking the submarine.  “Sandblower” – is any short person; he who walks at low altitudes.  Thanks, Dick, for an inside look at Plebe Year in Mother B (Bancroft Hall).
President Corry then closed the meeting, leading us all in reciting the Four Way Test.
This Newsletter was written by Dick Anderson