Doug Motz called the meeting to order at 12:15pm.   Doug was graciously filling in for President Robert and President Elect Sandy this week.  Doug led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Dick Anderson gave the invocation.

Our only guest on this warm June day was Gloria Gomez from the Galilee Center who was also our speaker.

Key Dates and Announcements:

Demotion Party June 29th at 5:30 for President Robert at LQ Resort

We will plan to be dark July 5th  for the long holiday weekend.

Raffle- Our $5 winner this week was  Adrian Gysi.    We were all a bit suspicious as Adrian was also the ticket seller this week!

Dick Anderson and Joe LaMantia gave us the Rotary Foundation donation results for our club for the year.  Our club gave $8349 for 40 members- just over $210 a member for annual giving.  We doubled what we gave last year so we are back to previous years with our per capita giving.  We are listed as 8th or 9th per capita in the entire district for giving.  Great job La Quinta Rotarians!

The speaker for next week will be the owner of the La Quinta Wine Bar.

Bruce Cathcart, filling in for our Sergeant at Arms who was with his wife Barbara who had knee surgery on Wednesday , took the podium, and collected from the following  individuals in the way of birthdays, anniversaries, and happy dollars:  Adrian Gysi contributed  his $5 winnings to the pot, Bruce and Lora Cathcart celebrated 32 years of marriage so he contributed for that and also for a bucket list fulfillment of his wife- a Coachella Fest like concert in Central Tennessee where everyone camps out known as Bonnaroo.  Wes Faris contributed for two no makeups.  There were a few fined for not attending the Board Meeting that should have been there – Corry Hunter, Doug Motz, Joe LaMantia, Andy Lorenz, and Greg Lane.  Happy Dollars were contributed by Doug Motz, Merv Kolb,  Bill Cosgrove , Mayor Adolf, Joe LaMantia, and Ed Casey .  Sandy Lauer contributed for a no makeup.  Dick Jandt contributed for he and Terry’s anniversary coming up- Congrats on 9 years!  Nice contribution day for such a light crowd!


Our speaker was Gloria Gomez of the Galilee Center.  Dick Anderson introduced her and spoke about an article on the Galilee Center and the water project that should be in the Desert Sun in the near future.    There was a presentation at the Palm Desert Rotary meeting last week to the Galilee Center for their refrigeration units.  They then took a field trip out to the Galilee Center (right off of Hwy 111 in Mecca)  and some of the trailer parks on Wednesday along with the Desert Sun reporter .   For the Water Filter project, the plan is to do four trailer parks that have been recommended by the County as being the furthest away from getting help in the near term for water improvement.   Dick is reaching out to the Rancho Mirage club by speaking June 27th.  He is also reaching out to Indian Wells and the two Indio Clubs.


Gloria was here last fall to visit with us with her sister to promote the Galilee Center.  They will be celebrating their third anniversary of the Galilee Center July 29th. They provide food to 250-300 families a week depending on the workforce, etc.    One of the benefits of the Rotary’s donations for the refrigeration units will allow them to freeze and refrigerate perishable items that they have not been able to store in the past.  They will also be providing a cool center.  Important items they always need as donations are blue jeans and long sleeve t-shirts.  They also provide needed furniture to families for their homes.   The income demographic they serve is a family of five making $10,000-$25,000 a year.  Gloria thanked us for the support thus far and asked that we pray for them and their ministry.  Her favorite motto when wondering where the next funds/items will come from is, “God will provide.”  For more information on the Galilee Center go to their website at

Doug Motz closed the meeting at 1:20 to lead us in the Four Way Test.