It is not about winning or losing, it is about being a good citizen

The monsoonal summer temps (110’s and high humidity) arrived a week ahead of schedule just in time to greet the 28 Rotarians who gathered together this past Friday to enjoy the 4th meeting of the 25th year of the Rotary Club of La Quinta.


Still relatively new to the job but acting like an old pro, our president David Archer called the meeting to order and had Tom McDermott lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by Doug Motz who gave the day’s invocation.  Joe Ceja from the CV club is one of our current Assistant District Governors and was introduced as our only visiting Rotarian (not including our speaker) and Greg Gregory the City of La Quinta’s Chief of Police was introduced as our only guest.  President David then shared with everyone that the fellowship trip up the Tram in Palm Springs this past week was a great way to escape the desert heat and that a good time was shared by all in attendance.  It was announced that the next meeting of the board would take place this coming Wednesday (8/3) at the Chamber of Commerce Offices at 8:30 AM and that everyone was welcome to attend.  Next Friday will be our annual Club Assembly meeting where members will have input and participate in “taking care of business” for the coming year for the Rotary Club of La Quinta.  Everyone is encouraged to attend!  Sandra Moffitt Adams asked why she was the only woman Rotarian in attendance and seemed satisfied with the response that women naturally being smarter than men generally avoided the desert altogether on days like this! 


Lee Osborne was given the unique opportunity to present an infomercial about all things Osborne/Rincon and was spoon fed questions from fellow Rotarians that seemed slightly rehearsed.  He of course later paid a fine for the unabashed advertisement as well as purchased yet another press release about the name change of his accounting firm.  “That’s OK”, Lee assured us all, “It’s a write off!”


Lucky Ray Lopez drew the coveted black marble and won the prize of $380 at which he exclaimed “Baby needs new shoes!” referring of course to his daughter Kinsey who just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago.  Generous Ray Lopez donated back $50 to the Paul Harris Foundation and $50 to the club. Thanks Ray and congratulations!


Benevolent Bruce Cathcart stepped to the podium in place of the vacationing fine master Allan Levin who was rumored to have been seen this past week still wearing his Spiderman costume several days after the end of ComicCon in San Diego.  Leroy Anderson volunteered $40 for his wedding anniversary and a couple of no make-ups and things pretty much went downhill from there.  Sandra Moffitt Adams celebrated her 3 year wedding anniversary with a $2 donation… reminding us all that Friday is her pedicure day and that by giving up these $2 she would only be able to get 9 toes painted.  There were several no make ups and a few late fees paid and finally some happy bucks to round out the day’s collection.  Of note, Joe LaMantia shared with us the good news about his wife’s recovery process and plans of her coming home soon and Merv Kolb, while seated at the back of the room, directed his attention to the kitchen and announced that he had just undergone successful cataract surgery!  The Rotarians seated at the table with Merv got him pointed in the right direction and informed him that he had placed a $5 bill in the basket, not a $1 bill as Merv had intended.


For those not opting for the usual rabbit food (salads) the entrée was a grilled salmon on a penne pasta with a pesto sauce that was well deserving of the $18 lunch ticket!  As lunch was served the members had plenty of time to share stories and catch up on friendships before the speaker was announced.






Our speaker this day was Glenn Miller who is well known to many of us as a past president of the Indio Noon Rotary Club, a Paul Harris Fellow, and current Rotary member of the Indio Sunrise Club. Glenn spoke to us in the capacity of the Executive Director of The First Tee – Coachella Valley Chapter.  The First Tee is a national program with each chapter being its own non-profit organization that uses the game of golf to teach life skills lessons essential to the game of life to all of the children of the Coachella Valley.  The Coachella Valley Chapter currently has approximately 1,050 children enrolled in their program split almost 50-50 between boys and girls.  The organization is sponsored by numerous well known celebrities, major corporations and individuals.  It has 5 professional golf coaches and relies upon the over 150 dedicated volunteers who donate their time and assistance throughout the year.  Children can participate in 3 eight week sessions plus summer camps as well as open hitting and free play at their facility located on the east side of Cook Street just north of Palm Desert High School and on Mondays at both the Classic Club and Indio Muni golf courses.  The cost for children to participate is $10/month and scholarships are available for all children who cannot afford the fees.  One of the ways that they raise funds to support the scholarship programs is by reselling golf clubs they cannot use that are donated to their organization.  Last year this amounted to almost $45,000 in donated funds!  This incredible organization teaches far more than just the game of golf.  It lists its 9 core values as Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect, Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courtesy and Judgment.  Their mission statement is to impact the lives of young people by providing learning facilities and educational programs that promote character development and life-enhancing values through the game of golf.  To learn more about The First Tee visit their web site at


Prior to adjournment Mayor Don Adolph mentioned that he had a set of clubs to donate and it was suggested that having seen the way more than just a few of our fellow Rotarians played the game at our last golf tournament there ought to be a whole lot of clubs out there that should be donated from our club members!


It was the truth, it was fair to all concerned, it built good will and better friendships, and it was beneficial to all concerned.  Those not in attendance were missed and the meeting was adjourned.


Editor's Note:  This was Bruce Cathcart's first article as a cub reporter on the Bulletin staff.  I think he did a terrific job, following in the footsteps of our other great reporters.  With a little encouragement, we might get Bruce to be a regular contributor the Bulletin. Bravo Zulu Bruce!