So many people, so little time... The room was packed with Rotarians, visitors and guests as President Robert called the meeting to order. The flag salute was led by Cindy Hall. Diane Kelly, in giving the invocation, gave us some wonderful words of wisdom.

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Visiting Rotarians included a group of seven fun-loving women from Portland, Oregon. There were also seven visiting Rotarians from Washington, and one each from Arkansas, Canada, El Monte, Ca, and North Carolina. Honoring us with a visit also was Carlos Pena, a past president from Indio Sunrise. Guests of our Rotarians included Ed Casey's daughter. She is leaving us to return to her good deeds in the island of Guadalupe.

President Robert announced the following:

Strut Your Mutt Fund Raiser is March 23rd.

The Club is preparing a grant application for a water project in the East Valley.

The Flamingos (no not the singing group) had their last visit at Doug Motz's home and might appear at an area near you. Keep a lookout for the pink birds.

The Club is continually looking for new members. Be on the alert for potential members and invite them to a meeting.

The Club is applying for a Coachella Valley Economic Development matching grant for scholarships.

The next board meeting is Wednesday, February 13th at Lee Osborne's office.

RYLA interviews will take place at a time to be determined. There are presently 25-30 students interested in applying.

Corry Hunter states that all is set for the Tour de Palm Springs and that he has raffle tickets, etc for distribution.

Sandy Stewart announced that the 7th Annual Hot Rod Show is being held next weekend in La Quinta. Contact Sandy for further information.

Joe La Mantia and Dick Anderson both discussed the value of the Share program from Rotary International. It's a simple way to make your yearly pledge to the Paul Harris Fund. The Club benefits as three years later all the pledged dollars from the Club members are returned to the Club.  Palmer Riedel was awarded another Paul Harris award...a 2 sapphire pin.

Walter Keating invited all guests to his home on Saturday and Sunday to watch the Humana Golf Tournament. His address is 79205 Arnold Palmer Drive. Call Walt for further information.

A flag exchange was had between one of the visiting Rotarians from Portland and President Robert.


A white marble was pulled by Jimbo Dorr and $5 magically appeared in his hand.

Allan Levin appeared at the rostrum and took money from: Jimbo, Diane K., Lothar, Rey N., Marc R, LeRoy A., Cindy, Wes, Bob W and Andy B. Joe L. took the 49ers over the Ravens...this reporter thought he was giving 5 points. A few members took the bet--more money for Rotary next week. Ed Casey had some luck at a local casino and shared with the Club. Bruce U. also gave a few happy dollars for his favorite #4 basketball team...(would you believe Kansas?)


The speakers today were two ladies from the Coachella Valley History Museum. Priscilla Porter and Kathy Claborn related many facts about the settling of the Valley in the 1880's, including land development and tourism. Priscilla told us that there was a 21 day downpour in 1883 followed by 11 years of drought. Go figure!! Also discussed was the shortage of funds for the La Quinta grade schools to visit the Museum. She requested $700 so the students could attend. After the meeting some members, including a visiting Rotarian, donated $490!

The meeting was adjourned with the recitation of the 4-Way Test.