Walter, Sandy, Sandy, Barry and Greg are greeted by Baird Tom and Adrian
Today’s meeting was promptly called to order by President Elect Doug Motz. The Pledge of allegiance led by Doug Motz, and the Invocation offered by Allan Levin.
We were pleased to see several visiting Canadian Rotarians today, among who were Terry Hoffman, hailing from British Columbia and Glen Potter from Calgary, Alberta.   Mike Hoffritz from Minneapolis returned to visit us from our own north country, and we also welcomed Steffy Merla and Diane Stauffer from the hinterlands of central CA.  Steve Brown was a repeat visitor from Hemet, along with Barry from South El Monte.
Rey and Nick sign the "signature Boards"
Bob Becker, our almost full time new member, presented his recently promised, and beautifully done, “Signature Boards” created by Bruce Cathcart honoring and supporting our local Deputy Sheriffs, Police Officers and other Law enforcement personnel.  All Rotarians were lining up to personally sign these impressive testimonials of our recognition of these dedicated men and women who daily put themselves in harm’s way on our behalf.   One will be placed on display in the Thermal Sheriff’s Station, and the other in the La Quinta Police office at City Hall.
Dave Turner announced the next SYM dog show committee meeting will be held at his office at 5:30PM, Wednesday evening, Feb. 11th.
Sandy Stewart announced the upcoming Polo Match and Tailgate Party at the El Dorado Polo Club in Indio, 1:00 PM, Sunday, Feb. 15th, for all interested Rotarians, their families and guests.  Cost is $10/car (not per-person), and everyone should “BYOF” (“F” means “Food”) and other refreshments. 
Diane Kelly is hawking her beautifully made customized Rotary member name badges.  Contact, or 760-391-3699 for more information.
Walter Keating, our current “Fine Meister”, conducted another “Fine Free Badge Auction” (Seems like we have auctioned off this same badge for February at least twice before?)  At any rate, Motz won this week’s bidding with a generous $52.00 wager.  ‘U.S.C. Watty ‘chickened out’ at $50.  Arguments and rash statements about the recent Super Bowl game emanated from the room as concerns over “Inflate Gate” were voiced anonymously.
Keating noted that our beloved Mayor Adolph, and his bride, Diane, would celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary  on the 18th of this month, and Mr. Mayor will fork-up that fine next week, when he is in the company of his check book.
Tom McDermott popped with $22 for his (and Yolanda’s) anniversary on the 7th of Feb.
         Joe Lamantia contributed an unsolicited $3.00 in a good wishes gift for Adrian Gysi’s wife,
         Rosemarie, who is recovering from surgery.
         A to-go-un-named visitor tossed in a happy dollar in celebration of his upcoming tattoo!
         (I believe this is a “First” for this –or any-Rotary club for this unique celebratory event.)  
         “Da world, she’s a changin!”   
                On a regrettable note:  Dick Jandt reported that he has been required to cancel
our club’s usual participation at the La Quinta Art Festival.  The reason being-not enough Rotarians volunteered for this activity in a timely manner.  Individual Rotarians, who can give of their time for this event, are encouraged to call the Art Festival office and offer their services on an individual basis.
Today’s speaker, introduced by Doug Motz, our resident Insurance Broker, was Steve Smith, a fire safety expert and consultant.  Steve demonstrated a typical home fire alarm, the ‘pancake’ style unit most of have in our homes, and explained how these units work, and commented on their reliability – or lack thereof!  He emphasized the necessity of regular testing-and replacing of the batteries in these units, and the proper installation and placement of any and all fire safety devices.  He emphasized “Don’t buy Cheap”, as his most important advice about any fire alarm unit or system.   
Steve stated that fires generally, once ignited, double in size every 30 seconds and can jump 20 feet in 3 seconds!  Many, if not most, house fires are caused by improperly connected  ‘charging’ accessories for all of today’s cell phones, computers, and connected devices.  These are a big cause of electrical capacity overloading of electrical wiring circuits, and today’s proliferation of electronic gadgets must be properly charged.  Another major source of house fires is lack of maintenance and vent cleaning for clothes driers.   For additional information, we can go to the web site:  (Final word: Unplug your golf cart charger before you go out of town!)

Andy Lorenz-Rotary Scribes
Editors note:  Our GLP travelers have sent photos back as they joined in the Baptism of little baby Nicholas!