Rotary Club of La Quinta

Service above self since 1985



Summer made an early arrival as we experienced two days this week with day time high temperatures in excess of 110 degrees!  Once again as Rotarians we gathered together at the Cliff House and President David Archer called the 43rd meeting of the 25th year of the Rotary Club of La Quinta to order. Brett Anderson led the club in the pledge of allegiance and Dave Turner gave the following invocation:

            Dear Lord,

            Please bless America’s fallen and all those we have lost on this Memorial Day

            And please guide us to not just make this an event, but an act of consciousness.

            Please bless this food so that it may strengthen us physically as well as this

            Fellowship of Rotary, so that it may enrich us spiritually, as we may provide

           Service above Self in your name. AMEN

This was followed by a silent moment of prayer for Steve Robbins who is still in the hospital under-going treatment for leukemia.  Get well soon and hurry back!


At the greeting table this week was the always lovely Sandy Stewart taking attendance as usual, and much to everyone’s surprise Corry Hunter was selling the Raffle tickets and ED Casey selling the lunch tickets.  Those crazy boys! Always trying to keep things interesting!


President Dave introduced our only visiting Rotarian, Jim Conway, a past president from the Rancho Mirage club.  Clearly all of our snow birds have flown north to escape the desert heat!  There were no guests of Rotarians this day either! 


President Dave (in Dick Anderson’s absence) reminded us all to make our Paul Harris Foundation contributions and made a brief announcement about the upcoming Carnival of Lights – Light Parade and Fireworks Display coming up on the 4th of July. Jacques Abels’ Tree has been planted at the top of the La Quinta Cove in the Palm Oasis and the plaque has been installed but we will wait for cooler days before having a formal dedication ceremony.  Some photos of the tree were passed around and it was noted that Jacques’ tree was a small prickly little thing that somehow seemed appropriate!  Last Tuesday the La Quinta Rotary Club gave out 14 scholarships totaling $12,000.00 to deserving students at La Quinta High School making our Rotary Club the second largest donor in terms of number of scholarships awarded!  We can all be very, very proud of this!!!  A special thank you to Ray Lopez and his committee members for doing such a great job this year.  EREY stands for RI Foundation Giving Every Rotarian Every Year!  According to a chart passed around our District 5330 is in second place in terms of our percentage giving by only 4 percentage points behind District 5000.  Now is the time to make your donations so that we can be #1 at the District Award meeting to be held at the Doral Hotel on June 23, 2012.  June 30th will be the demotion party at the La Quinta Resort (cocktails at 5:30, Dinner at 6:30) and don’t forget about our Rotary Social event to be held on June 2, 2012 at Jimbo and Karen Dorr’s home!   Bruce Underwood presented an article that stated we are one country closer to our goal of eradicating polio from our planet… as India was certified Polio free this year.  Only three countries to go, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan!  Dick Jandt presented an article that acknowledged the Artist’s appreciation of the way they were treated at the La Quinta Art’s Festival and that is in part due to our club member’s participation in delivering them their lunches each day of the Festival (way to go everyone!).

Tom McDermott was the lucky raffle ticket winner this week and with $50.00 in the jackpot he picked a white marble and collected $5.00 for his efforts.  Lunch was served with Ben handing out the plates of BBQ Ribs and Fries and Cori handing out the salads.  

Image Image

Our friendly fine Master Allan Levin assisted by our Fine Free Rotarian David Archer began targeting members for both good deeds and misdeeds.  Leading the lineup was Walter Keating with a whole laundry list of offenses that included his birthday, several graduations and a no make-up.   Allan paid for his own birthday and Dave Turner and Mark Rosen both paid for their anniversaries; Doug Motz paid for two weeks in Hawaii and returned sporting some new whiskers which he hopes someday will look as dignified Andy Lorenz!   


Jennifer Donais
was challenged by Allan for three consecutive no make-ups, but with one week remaining to make up the third missed meeting she was now in attendance and thus paid for two at $5 a piece.  This brought about the question of the day… If Jennifer does not make-up her 3rd absence will the fine for this no make-up be $5 or $10?  A very lively conversation ensued with Allan standing firm on his $10 conviction and the balance of the club leaning toward a $5 verdict.  We will just have to wait until next week to see what happens!  Sandy Lauer paid a few happy bucks and updated the club on Dick Anderson’s recovery from knee surgery (already up and walking with a cane!) and Dick Jandt gave a few happy bucks in honor of the owner of Lumpy’s Golf Store finding and returning Dick’s lost $50!  I’m thinking this guy would make a good La Quinta Rotarian!


Our Speaker this day was Mike Wagner.  He is a Math Teacher at La Quinta High School, an Astronomer, and a member of the Astronomical Society of the Desert.  He shared with us on this day his love for astronomy and a very special astronomical event that will soon been happening in our neck of the solar system.  The event he referred to as the “Transit of Venus” will occur on June 5, 2012 starting at 3 PM in the afternoon.  A Transit of Venus happens when the planet Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun.  It is similar to an eclipse, however, an eclipse would be when an object is large enough (in perspective) to block out the Sun (as the Moon does in a solar eclipse).  Due to the size of Venus and its distance from the Earth and Sun, when Venus passes between the two it will only cast a small shadow on the Sun that will appear as a little black circle (or dot) as it appears to travel across the face of the Sun.  Just like an eclipse you should not look directly into the Sun to try and see this event.  Instead, Mike will have his modified telescope set up at The Trilogy Club House and anyone interested in viewing this event is  welcome to join him!  This event happened 8 years ago and will not happen again until December 2117!  Mike also shared so many other interesting facts about our universe but unfortunately there is not enough room here to share them all with you.  Thank you Mike for taking the time away from your real students to educate us with your fantastic presentation.

 President Dave closed out the meeting leading the members in the Four Way Test.