Bob Wright introduced our speaker this day who was Julie Bornstein.  Julie is currently the Executive Director of the Coachella Valley Housing Coalition and a little known fact is that at one time Bob and Julie worked together when he was the President of the Coachella Valley Housing Coalition.
Julie Bornstein is a 32 year resident of the Coachella Valley and has enjoyed a career in affordable housing, law and government—having the distinction of serving in all three branches at the State level.  Previously Julie taught Political Science at College of the Desert as well as Contracts and Constitutional Law at the new California Desert Trial Academy School of Law in Indio.
Julie practiced law in Los Angeles after earning degrees from both UCLA and USC and served on a wide variety of nonprofit Boards in Southern California.  She taught governmental processes at the McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento and through USC and UCLA Extension.  She is a California attorney and holds a real estate broker’s license.
Julie was an elected member of the California State Assembly.  She served on the Housing and Community Development Committee; Finance and Insurance Committees, Higher Education Committee and was Vice-Chair of the Committee on Agriculture.
Julie’s presentation to our group focused on affordable housing and how the Coachella Valley Housing Coalition strives to meet the growing needs of the Coachella Valley.  The Coachella Valley Housing Coalition is a nonprofit affordable housing development organization founded in 1982 with the purpose of improving the living conditions of low-income individuals and families by constructing and operating affordable housing infused with resident services programs and other opportunities that enrich, build, and grow their lives.  How do you define “affordable” housing?  If your cost to “shelter” (house payment or rent plus utilities and maintenance) is no more than 30% of your income… then your housing is affordable.
CV Housing has built more than 4,000 multi and single-family residences, making it the largest developer of low-income housing in Riverside County and one of the largest residential developers of any kind in the Coachella Valley.  They also have nearly 2,500 rental units in 34 complexes, including a 128-bed migrant farm worker community that they have built or acquired which they keep and manage to the highest possible management standards… all part of being a “good neighbor”.
Julie also shared with us about CVHC’s “sweat equity” building program where owners build several homes at one time each putting in (per couple) 40 hours per week in labor, their scholarship programs plus many interesting and enlightening facts and statistics about affordable housing.  She was an excellent speaker and a living example of someone who has spent a lifetime of “Service above Self”!
To learn more about Julie and the Coachella Valley Housing Coalition visit their website at: