A view from above
Michael Scofield, who identifies himself as a congenital cartographer, joined us to present a birds eye view of the world. He first gave us his professional timeline from UCLA, a school which he claims teaches teachers to teach at USC, to eventually becoming a teacher himself at Loma Linda University. He then shared with us his fascinating hobby of investigating and interpreting satellite and high altitude imagery that he finds on the internet. He searches public archives on the internet for geographic imagery, and then drills done to look for items of interest for the day. These range from missile launch sites in Russia, to cars in line for gasoline in Iraq. Michael closed his talk with the results of a search for baseball fields around the world, identifying fields in Mongolia, Australia, and Myanmar among others. He describes his searches as having all the excitement of a National Geographic expedition without the mosquitoes. Here is a man with a passion! Thanks for a very interesting presentation.