Nick, Rey and Brett are greeted by Baird, Tom and Adrian Gysi (No "Z")
President Corry makes calls the meeting to order
Today’s meeting was promptly called to order by President Corry at 12:15 PM.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Dick Grund, and the Invocation offered by Robert Wilkinson.
We were honored today with the presence of District Governor of District 5330, Shab Al Awar, who gave his pitch for all of us to attend the upcoming District Conference for 2015, to be held May 15th to 17th, at the Desert Princess Resort Hotel, 67967 Vista Chino, Cathedral City.  Our club’s hospitality suite will again feature the famous La Quinta Rotary “Margarita Machine”, known to dispense generous servings of its magic and potent elixir!
We were again pleased to welcome a contingent of Canadian Rotarians who annually support our club by making up with us at our Cliff House meetings.
Baird Boucher announced that his office will host our April BOD meeting, the last Wednesday of this month.  Meeting time: 5:30 PM, April 29th.
President Corry repeated his call for volunteers to assist with the annual Math Day activity on Saturday, May 2nd.  Call Corry for contact details.
Joe LaMantia will again lead our “Pryde” young peoples’ event to be held on May 9th and 10th.  Call Joe for details or to volunteer.
Saturday, April 25th is the date of the annual City of La Quinta City Picnic to celebrate our City’s birthday at the Civic Center Park.  Rotary will do its annual “Hot-Dog Give-A-Way Extravaganza”.  Dick Jandt is the man to call to join and serve with your fellow volunteers.
Our raffle today was valued at $615.00, and (fortunately) one of our erstwhile visitors was chosen to pick another measly $5.00 winner, thankfully leaving the luscious large prize still available for a La Quinta Rotarian to win next week.
In celebration of Dick Anderson’s selection as 2015 recipient of La Quinta’s, “Senior Citizen of the Year” Award, Judith Redwine contributed sizeable check during our Fine-Master’s weekly solicitation of donations to cover the special events or transgressions of our fellow Rotarians. 
With his usual display of unusual generosity, Dick Grund gave us $100 to celebrate his (and Victory’s) leaving to return home along with the other seasonal invaders and relatives from the North Country.
Walter Keating wore a helmet today to ward off the angry blows of his fellow Rotarians lamenting the DOW average drop of 294 points just before meeting time today.
Adrian Gysi, in an expression of distaste for round numbers, gave up a fine of $1.00 less than $20.00, just to be contrary and controversial.
Robert Wilkinson sported a “RYLA 360” Sweatshirt in celebration of this year’ successful RYLA encampment.  Two Rylarians spoke of their remarkable experiences at Camp this year, calling the camp “The Best Experiences of their Lives!” (Not including the bus breakdown). 
An excited young lady, Courtland, told us she even got her “Prom Date” for this year at RYLA. Rylarian, Austin, remarked that the event was the “super friendly” time of his life, and was amazed at how, “everybody wanted to be your friend”!
The closing speaker at today’s meeting, D.G., Shab Al Awar, delivered an impassioned, inspirational and motivational message on what it means to be a Rotarian.  Our DG is an exciting leader!  He was particularly proud of our Rylarians this year, and the RYLA Alumni from the last 5 years, who established a Rotaract Club this year.
President Corry adjourned the meeting with the four way test.
Andy Lorenz-Rotary Scribes