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With President Sandy Stewart away attending this year’s district 5330 conference at the Doral Hotel, President-elect Corry Hunter called the 39th meeting of the 28th year of our La Quinta Rotary Club to order and had Richard Jandt to lead us in the pledge.  Finding no volunteers immediately available, Corry followed the flag salute with a very nice invocation.


Carol, Sandy and Dick are greeted by Greg, Doug and Baird


At the greeting table this week was Greg Lane taking attendance, Doug Motz selling lunch tickets and Baird Boucher selling Raffle tickets.  


Rotarians and guests gather in fellowship


Visiting Rotarians joining us today included our good friend Barry Zwahlen from the South El Monte Club, Duke Simpson from Vancouver, USA, and for the last time this season, Bob Woodward and his wife.  Our soon to be newest Rotary Club of La Quinta member Diane Weaver brought our only guest this day, Nancy Mendez from Riverside, CA.


Corry prepares to make this week's announcements


President-elect Corry made the following announcements: 

The next club board meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 21st at Baird Boucher’s (Wholesale Jewelry) store in La Quinta starting at 5:30 PM.


Team La Quinta 2014 Rotary District 5330 Golf CHAMPIONS

The district conference was going on at the time of the meeting with a full report expected at next week’s meeting.  However, the Rotary District 5330 annual golf tournament took place on Thursday (May 1st) with our club fielding a team that included President Sandy, Doug Motz, Nick Kraushaar, and Bruce Cathcart.  Outstanding putting led the way to 10 under score and a first place victory for team La Quinta!  Way to go!


We will make our triumphant return to this year’s “Props and Hops” to be held at the Palm Springs Air Museum on Memorial Day Monday on May 26th.  Volunteers are needed to do one of the things we do best… pour and sell beer!  (We are also pretty good at drinking the mistakes.)


Plans are progressing for the Demotion party to be held at the La Quinta Resort on June 28th.


Robert Wilkinson mans the condiments table


Judith, Marc and Adrian load the buns with dogs



Dick and Bob Woodward at the serving table


Allan boils the dogs and works the grill

Dick Jandt gave us a report on the cooking and giving away free hotdogs at the City of La Quinta’s birthday celebration at City Hall Park that was held on April 26th.  Dick stated that despite a last minute change in location everything went off to perfection.  Everyone that attended seemed to have a great time as they managed to cook, bun, and serve 900 hot dogs in about 3 hours.  There were steak and eggs (cooked any style), Danish and fresh juice for those who showed up early to help set things up.  As always, the work was fun but the friendships that develop over the time shared working together always make this a great event.


With $196.00 in the jackpot this week La Quinta High School guidance counselor Carol Ramirez drew Marc Rosen’s winning ticket.  Lucky Marc as he will henceforth be known managed to pluck the black marble from a bag full of white ones and took home the prize!


Carol Ramirez with RYLArians and 4 way speech competitors


RYLA students lead the members in an "ice breaker"


Robert Wilkinson then assisted the four RYLA participants (Shannon, Lorenzo, Ann Marie, and Kyle) in what he called an “ice breaker”.  Everyone stood up and did a couple of rousing “repeat after me cheers” that included “You Can’t Ride in that Little Red Wagon” and the “The Great Big Moose”.  Ice breaker?  More like an appetite builder!  Each of the RYLA participants then shared with the members in attendance their heartfelt thanks to Rotary for sponsoring them to this “life changing” event.


Favorite servers Daniela and Amy with soup, sandwiches and salads

The lunch choices today were the now infamous Cliff House $18.00 cheese burger and fries, the traditional Chicken Caesar salad with fresh parmesan cheese and homemade Caesar dressing, or a bowl of Corn and Bacon chowder accompanied by ½ a grilled cheese sandwich, all served with a nice slice of Ice Cream Pie to top everyone’s meal off!


Our very fine Fine Master Allan prepares to recognize the members


Allan Levin stepped up to the podium and immediately auctioned off the fine free badge for the month of May.  It must be a slow month for member birthdays and anniversaries as Walter Keating won the badge for a paltry $40.00.  Greg Lane, Joe “Man of LaMancha” LaMantia, and Bruce Franklin all paid for no-makeups and Rey Neufeld, Robert Wilkinson, and Pedro Rincon all paid for being a bit tardy.  Bob Becker, Bob Woodward and Dick Grund all contributed significantly as this was to be their last meeting in La Quinta for the season (safe trip home and we look forward to seeing you again soon!), Corry Hunter made good on his I.O.U. (with interest!), and lucky Marc Rosen gave $100.00 back to the club from his raffle ticket winnings (Thanks Marc… that was very generous!).

Finally, Doug Motz, Nick Kraushaar and Bruce Cathcart all paid a few bucks each for the privilege of being the 2014 Rotary District 5330 Golf Champions!

Today we were very fortunate to have the top three winners of our La Quinta Rotary 4 way Speech Competition present their speeches to us.  Marc Rosen, the Chairman of the 4 way Speech Competition Committee introduced each of the speakers.


Liberty Feliciano our 3rd place winner

Liberty Feliciano was the first to present her speech which was on the subject of Private Prisons.  Liberty is a senior at La Quinta High School and has been accepted to UCLA next year and where she will major in Human Biology which will hopefully lead to a career in Public Health Advocacy.  She made several interesting points about private prisons and how they have created a prison industrial complex that in her opinion, does not meet the 4 way test.  Liberty was our 3rd place winner and received a check from our club in the amount of $50.00.


Mia Bray our 2nd place winner


Mia Bray was our second presenter and she spoke to us about rape and the creation of a “rape society”.  Mia is also a senior at La Quinta High School and has been accepted at the University of Tennessee where she will major in Agri-business on a scholarship as part of their equestrian team.  In her speech she pointed out that our legal system purports the practice of “slut shaming” that involves blaming the victim for the crime.  She introduced us to the “Slut Walk” an annual charity event that calls for an end to the rape culture in America.  Mia was our 2nd place winner and received a check from our club in the amount of $100.00.


Filipo Falchi our 1st place winner


Filipo Falchi was our final presenter and he spoke to us about racism in America.  Filipo is a foreign exchange student from Italy attending La Quinta High School this year as a senior.  He had a very interesting perspective as an outsider coming from a society that is 90% homogenous Italian with a common religion and looking in at our society with “new eyes”.  He pointed out how many of the things we take for granted in our society are actually very racist.  Filipo will be returning to Italy at the end of the semester where he will have to complete one more year of high school before (hopefully) attending Law School at Oxford with the dream of becoming a corporate lawyer.  Filipo was our 1st place winner and received a check from our club in the amount of $200.00.


All of the speakers did a very good job and impressed the members with their poise and public speaking skills.  Congratulations to all of our winners.



President-elect Corry closed out the meeting leading the members in the four way test.



This week’s newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart