Victoria, Robert, Tom and Diane are greeted by Eunice, Baird and Bruce
Welcome to summer.  This first meeting in June was a real reminder of how lucky we were with our weather in May.  President Doug called the meeting to order and led us in the pledge. Dick offered the invocation. We had one visiting Rotarian today, our good friend Barry from El Monte, CA.
President Doug reminded everyone to save the date, June 28th, for the Demotion Party.  Dues for the upcoming 2016-2017 Rotary year will be $190.00 and due on July 1st .
Robert reported on a very successful and well attended La Quinta High School Scholarship Award program.  Our Club made a good showing. 
Bruce read the thoughtful scholarship submission written by Harmeet Kaur.
Eunice Somerset was recognized as the June Rotarian of the Month.
 Victoria offered two jokes, the second being: “What do you call a baked noodle?”, “An impasta”.
Greg Lane pulled out the black marble and was awarded $116.00.
Finemaster Allan came to the podium to review members’ pluses and minuses for the past week.  The first order of business was the fine Free Badge.  After spirited bidding, Bruce Underwood emerged with the winning bid.  Andy Lorenz received a lot of recognition.  It seems he arrived late to pour beer at the Palm Springs Air Museum.  Not only that, but he did not pour any beer.  He only drank it.  On the more positive side, Andy and Sally are celebrating their 54th anniversary.  Howard and Debbie are celebrating their 52nd anniversary.  Congratulations to both couples.  President Doug authored an article in the GEM and reported that his daughter is returning to the desert.  Walter and Robert were cited for failure to silence their cell phones during a past speaker’s presentation.  Greg generously donated $100.00 of his winnings to the Club.  Victoria bought a new car, but based her contribution (normally a buck a wheel) it must have been a unicycle.  Bruce Cathcart also got a new car and explained that his had four wheels, a steering wheel, a fly wheel and a spare wheel.  Happy Dollars were offered by Joe for Victoria’s service as a PRYDE Elder and by Helen for her Granddaughter’s graduation.
Our speakers for today were the financial wizards of our Club.  In order to be as transparent as possible, they discussed both the Club’s financial status as well as that of the Club Foundation.
Dick did a preamble to make clear the distinction between the Rotary Foundation (Paul Harris giving) and the Club Foundation.  The Club is in a good financial position, having had a successful year with its fund raisers.  We will end the year with a small surplus.  The Club Foundation is also in good shape.
In discussing the investment strategy for the Foundation funds, Walter gave great credit to Rey Neufeld, who did the initial portfolio planning.  The Foundation Board reported that all past loans to the Club have been repaid and we are on a good footing going forward.  The presentation was well done and well received. 
President Doug adjourned the meeting with the four way test.
This newsletter was written by Dick Anderson