Arriving members are greeted by Eunice, Baird, Adrian and Victoria!
President Doug Motz called the meeting to order at 12:15 and led us in the pledge of allegiance.  The invocation was given by Marc Rosen.
Our visiting Rotarians today included District 5280 Immediate past District Governor Elsa Gillam and her husband William (from the Wilshire Rotary Club), Brian Simpson from Tacoma #8, and Sang Soo from the Indian Wells Rotary Club.
Sang Soo gave a short presentation on the Rotary Exchange Program that this year was bringing individuals from Yakutsk, Russia (known as the coldest city on earth!) to the Coachella Valley in January.  He was looking for members who would be interested in housing one or more members of the exchange team and our very own Howard Silverman volunteered!  Thank you Howard... you do us all proud!!!
Victoria, after a time consuming search of her iPhone, offered up a couple of knock-knock jokes… and while I’m not trying to knock them, she seemed to have marginally more success with her blond jokes.
President Doug announced that there would be a MANDATORY UGLY SWEATER contest at our December 18 meeting.  There will be several prizes for winners so please do your best to wear your worst.
Our efforts at the La Quinta Tap Room resulted in a $174 donation from the owner Scott Stokes to our club.  Thanks to all who participated in this fun and fulfilling event!
The Christmas party held a couple of Saturdays ago raised $585.00 for the La Quinta Wind Symphony Orchestra who played at the event.  The public thank you was very appreciative.
Our raffle was $475.00 today and the lucky winner of only $5 was Bob Wright.
Doug Motz did the honors of presenting Victoria Llort with their first Paul Harris pin.
Our Fine Master Du Jour Bruce Cathcart stepped to the podium and after scanning the room declared that there were no birthday, spouse’s birthdays or anniversary fines to be levied this day!  Actually, none of the members celebrating such occasions were present.  With more good news he announced that there were no no-makeup fines this day either.  Clearly the members had been on their best behavior knowing that Santa Claus would soon be coming!  After that he sold new members Arnie Rosenheck and Jeff Fishbein their official Rotary Club badges and then he opened the floor up to “Happy Dollars” of which there were many volunteers anxious to share their joy and dollars.  Bruce Franklin announced with $5 that he was happy to be back.  Walter Keating contributed $30 for several good and not so good reasons.  Roberta Kuskie donated some happy to be back dollars as did several others making a small glass of lemonade from the relatively few lemons on hand this day!
Our speaker this day was Enrico R. (Ric) Mutascio the principal Business Development Engineer for Esterline Defense Technologies (formerly known as Armtec in Coachella).  Esterline is actually a subsidiary of Boeing and acquired the Armtec plant and line of combustible ordinances which it still markets under that name. Esterline Defense Technologies is the producer of the largest and most varied line of combustible ordnance and countermeasure products in the world. We are dedicated to serving the expendable countermeasure and combustible ordnance needs of customers worldwide.  We develop and manufacture state-of-the-art ordnance products, infrared decoy flares, radar countermeasure chaff, anti-ship missile countermeasures, torpedo decoy systems, and a variety of other pyrotechnic devices for air and shipboard applications.  Perhaps one of the most interesting statistics that Ric shared with us was that 95% of the ammunition that Esterline produces are target practice rounds for training purposes!  It was a truly amazing presentation and Ric was brilliant in the way he answered all of the members’ questions.  To learn more about Esterline go to their website at  Thank you Ric for a great presentation!
At 1:37 President Doug called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart