Cory, Victoria, Doug and Allan are greeted by Eunice, Baird and Adrian
President Doug Motz called the meeting to order at 12:15 and then led us in the pledge of allegiance.  The invocation was given by Corry Hunter.
Our visiting Rotarians today included past La Quinta Rotary Member Andy Brakebill, Bob Lovely, and we all welcomed back our own members Dick Grund and Lothar Vasholz!  Guests and prospective members included President Doug’s guest (for the last time) Jeff Fishbein, Victoria’s guest Marion Stahl and Marc Rosen’s wife (and soon to be Paul Harris Member) Irene.
Victoria’s blonde joke was another hit this week, though I doubt anyone can still remember it.  Something about the curtains matching the carpet on the computer… I know this blonde didn’t get it!
President Doug’s prayers were answered as Corry Hunter volunteered to head up the committee for our annual Strut Your Mutt event.  Corry’s prayers were answered when numerous club members signed up to work on the committee with him!  The event will be held in February this year and there will be no beer garden.  Members are expected to sponsor “Tee-s igns” and they are encouraged to be creative and use dog references.  One member commented that we should call them “Pee-signs” and place them appropriately at ground level at intervals around the event.
Sandy Lauer announced that the embroidery lady is ready and awaiting our orders for custom Rotary shirts etc.  Please see Sandy for more info… or just bring her your favorite shirt and $10.00 and she will get it embossed with our Rotary Logo.
Nick Kraushaar announced that the Mock Trial Team will be having a car wash on Saturday 11/14/15 and that Nick himself would be participating!  More info and tickets available at our next meeting!
Allan Levin reminded everyone about Hops and Props to take place Saturday 11/21/15 and is looking for volunteers to help pour beer in the Rotary Booth.  Rumor has it that Rotarians will be needed to help drink any mistakes that are poured!
Our raffle was well over $300 today and the lucky winner of only $5 was Helen Anderson
Dick Anderson did the honors of presenting Irene Rosen (Marc’s wife) with her Paul Harris pin.
Dick Anderson also presented Lothar Vasholz with his bejeweled and bedazzled Paul Harris +5 pin. Congratulations to you both!
President Doug then bestowed upon immediate past President Corry Hunter the title of Rotarian of the Month!
Bruce Cathcart then had the honor of inducting our newest member Jeff Fishbein.  He was sponsored by President Doug and has the classification of Real Estate.
Our fine master, Allan Levin, stepped to the podium and immediately auctioned off the fine free badge that after some spirited bidding eventually sold to Jimbo Dorr… and by the way, welcome back Jimbo!!!  Alan then proceeded to fine Dave Turner for arriving just a bit tardy (for Dave anyway).  Lothar Vasholz paid for his wife Margie’s birthday and a small list of other good deeds.  Adrian Gysi put in $83.00 Happy Dollars for his wife Rosemary’s hospital stay and rehab progress, then another $85.00 to be split equally between the GLP and East Valley Water projects.  As always, thank you Adrian for your generosity and all of our hopes and prayers go out for a successful rehab and swift recovery for Rosemary.  There several bucks collected for favorite football teams and happy dollars from several members who were just happy to be together and in the spirit of giving.  Among them Helen Anderson chipped in $5.00 for the great Halloween Party thrown by the Baird and Lauren Boucher, Corry Hunter offered up an IOU for his wife Kristyn’s birthday and finally some sad dollars from Howard Silverman for the loss of one of his best buddies from high school.
We were tag teamed with two speakers today, George Nava, the membership chairman for REACH and Don Warton the director of Business Development for AirMedCare.  After a short video, we learned that REACH Air Medical Services, headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, provides helicopter and airplane patient transportation for critically ill or injured patients. REACH has bases in Concord, Imperial, Lakeport, Marysville, Oceanside, Redding, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Stockton, Thermal, and Upland, California, as well as Corvallis, Oregon.  REACH has provided safe and expedient patient-centered care for nearly 30 years. In that time, over 90,000 patients have received essential emergency care as a result of their transport availability. They currently maintain 18 medically equipped helicopters, eight airplanes and nine ground ambulances. Each of their employees is compassionate, highly trained and 100% committed, from their pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians to their flight nurses and paramedics to their executive and administrative staff.  The average cost to emergency medical evacuate a single patient can run as high as $50,000.00 of which most insurance policies cover only a very small portion of these costs.  We learned today that by becoming part of their membership program for $65.00/year (per household) you will not have to pay for these services!  To learn more about this amazing program go to their website at or  Thank you George and Don for an extremely interesting and informative program.
At 1:30 President Doug called the meeting to a close with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart