The turnout for President Robert’s second meeting looked like a winter day without the snowbirds.  It was also 108 degrees outside!  Bob Wright led us in the pledge to our great flag and Lothar Vasholz provided an inspirational moment to begin the meeting. 

Visiting Rotarians included Dr. Rick Gross from Germany and AG Jose Ceja from Coachella.  Joe announced a partnership between District Rotary Clubs and local food banks to help feed children, elderly, homeless and working people struggling to make ends meet.  The food will be collected in boxes the last three weeks of September.  The locations of the collection boxes will be announced later.  Rotary International has designated September as Hunger Action Month.  Also visiting, and helping Ed Casey at the check in table, was prospective new member, Cindy Hall.


Just another reminder - we will continue meeting at the Cliffhouse through August 3rd.  Our August 10th meeting will be at the Red Robin Restaurant on Highway 111 in La Quinta.  We will continue to meet at the Red Robin until the Cliffhouse renovations are complete.

Dick Anderson recognized Dave Turner for his generous support of the Rotary Foundation and presented him with a Paul Harris pin with four sapphires.  Dick also presented Dave the Paul Harris certificate for his dad, Merton, who received his Paul Harris pin at our meeting last Spring. 

Dick encouraged all of our members to consider making their RI Foundation pledge via the automatic deduction program.  Later in the meeting Joe LaMantia echoed this request.  The forms are available on the RI website.  Should you have trouble there, let Dick know and he will get you a hard copy of the form.  In addition, Joe announced that training on the new Future Vision program would take place on October 19th.  There will be more on this event later. 

With the beginning of the new Rotary year, it is time to consider advertising your company’s services on our club website.  The cost is $100.00 for the year.  In addition to being displayed on our website, your advertisement will be on every bulletin that goes out to club members and friends of the club.

In a true display of the democratic process, Dan Fissori was elected by acclimation to serve as the club Social Director.  President Robert then announced that he was looking for someone to run a golf tournament.  Before any election could take place, the would-be candidate withdrew his name from consideration   It is still not too late, Bruce.  It was also announced that our flock of flamingos will be taking flight soon. 

Joe LaMantia was a proud $5.00 winner in our raffle.

Finemaster Allan was still reportedly running around San Diego in a tight fitting costume; so, Bruce Cathcart took the podium to recognize special events and transgressions.  July babies included Andy Lorenz, Doug Motz, and Mike Sutton, who had an anniversary and a no makeup as well.  Returning happy vacationers included Dave Turner, Lothar Vasholz, and Bruce Underwood.  Bruce admitted to meeting with a nefarious world leader during his trip to Rio.  Happy dollars came from Mayor Don for his appointment as Vice Chair of CVAG.  Other happy dollars came from Lee Osboren for his work on the Old Towne Use Study and his candidacy for City Council, Bruce Franklin for Kristi’s candidacy, and Doug Motz and Merv Kolb for just being happy.  Helen Anderson reported on happy Rotary news from her recent trip East. 

The happiest news came from Lee Osborne.  He talked to Steve Robbins and learned that a donor match has been found!  That is great news and the entire club wishes Steve well and a speedy return.

If you have a passion for animals, particularly dogs, then Rotary was the place to be last Friday.  Our speaker, Christine Madruga, is the founder, CEO and chief care giver at The Pet Rescue Center, located at the corner of 51st and Calhoun in Coachella.  Founded in 1998, the Center has taken in over 7,000 dogs.  Christine’s organization provides a new opportunity for life for abandoned dogs and dogs “rescued” from County Animal Services.  New arrivals get time to adjust to their surroundings in Hillyard’s Hangout.  They are then integrated with the general population where they receive any necessary medical attention, shots and obedience training.  There is no charge to bring a dog in for adoption, but they do ask for a donation of $150.00 when adopting one of the dogs.  She will be getting her Class 2 license, which will permit handling and caring for up to forty dogs at any one time.


Christine related a heartwarming story about one of her dogs.  He was a Jack Russell Terrier mix named Petroleum Pete.  He was donated by the Center as an auction item for a City of Hope fund raising event.  He was the hit of the evening and ended up bringing a bid of $5,000.00.  The lucky bidder was an executive in the petroleum industry.  Nice story!  Keep up the good work Christine.

President Robert took the podium and we concluded the meeting by reciting the Four Way Test.