Ben, Marc, Diana and Baird are greeted by Dr. Bruce, Robert and Kevin
With President Tom McDermott suspected to be out celebrating his national holiday (St. Patrick’s Day), as Rotarians and friends we gathered once again at the Cliff House where President-elect Baird Boucher called the meeting to order at 12:15 and lead us in the pledge of allegiance.  Nick gave the invocation.
There were several visiting Rotarians in attendance including our good friends Barry from South El Monte, Diane from Stockton and Mark Wolfe was back again from Salem, Oregon.
We had a special guest, past La Quinta Affiliate Rotarian Ben Hofheimer who stopped by while on vacation from his new home in Florida.  Prospective transfer Rotarian member Fred Campbell (of La Quinta) showed up for the fourth week in a row and has now been proposed for membership!  Also joining us this day was Marcie Maxwell from Renton, Washington.
President–elect Baird made the following announcements:
The next Board meeting will be held at President Tom’s office on April 12th starting at 5:30 PM.  Tom’s office is located off of Country Club west of Washington at 77530 Enfield Ln, Palm Desert, CA 92211.
We will once again be hosting our Wine Event at the La Quinta Museum this year on FRIDAY APRIL 21ST from 6 to 8 PM.  Our very own Kevin Pickett will be providing the entertainment for the evening and there will be a raffle, appetizers, and lots of fun to be had.  Members are being asked to sell (or buy) at least 2 tickets each (Since the event is limited to 100 attendees) at $25.00 per ticket and to provide raffle prizes if possible.  This is turning out to be a very important fundraiser this year and if successful it will allow us to fund more scholarships for the graduating La Quinta High School Seniors and send more LQHS Juniors to RYLA!
The City of La Quinta’s 35th anniversary and annual picnic will be held on Saturday April 29th.  La Quinta Rotary’s participation may be in jeopardy this year!  We received a notice from the City of new requirements that quite frankly are ridiculous and make it no longer practical for us to cook and serve over 1,000 hot dogs to hungry La Quinta Citizens for free!  We will know more in the next few days.
The DEMOTION Party will be held this year on June 23rd.  More info to follow in the coming meetings.
Marc Rosen updated the club members on this year’s 4 way speech competition.  Marc, Cliff and Diana Weaver, Joe LaMantia and a couple of local Toastmasters judged the first round of the Rotary Four Way Test Speech Competition on Wednesday (3/15).  There were only two competitors this year that showed up after Marc and his committee had spent several days training as many as 10 students.   Marc reported that both speeches were very good and that the winner will be moving on to the district finals.  Also, we will be hearing their speeches at an upcoming meeting.
Marc then gave a dissertation on “Learning in Retirement” that lasted almost $20 worth according to fine master Allan Levin.  He handed out brochures and it looks like a GREAT program… No tests, No grades and no mandatory attendance!  For more information please check out their website at
Joe LaMantia made a pitch for the upcoming District Assembly which will take place on April 21st at Yucaipa High School from 8:30 to 4 PM.  Joe says that this is a great opportunity to learn more about Rotary.  If interested in attending see Joe for more details.  If you plan to go, plan on coming straight home afterward and attending our Wine Tasting Event!!!
Our raffle was worth well over $900.00 today and Sandy Stewart had the winning ticket.  Fortunately for the rest of the club members he drew the white marble rolling the jackpot over for next week.
We were then treated to a fantastic video presentation by Marc Rosen who did an amazing job of capturing photos of the participants and interviews with several of our sponsors at our Strut Your Mutt fundraising event held last month.  Marc did a GREAT job compiling all of the photos/interviews, editing them, adding music and then presenting the video to the club.  Thank you Marc for all that you do!
In celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day we had in attendance Dick Grund and Judith Salethe our “King and Queen of Green”.
It was another FINE day for our Fine Master Allan Levin.  Dan Fissori paid for his anniversary with his wife T.C., Dave Turner was back to his old self showing up a bit late and also paying for both his wife Paula’s over exposure in Marc’s SYM Video with their precious little dog Sophie plus his beloved South Dakota State’s “Jack Rabbits” made a close game of it fighting to the very end in the NCAA Men’s Division Basketball first round play-offs!  Sandy Lauer and Diane Kelly joined David in the late arrival category.  Dick Grund’s beloved Bull dogs from Gonzaga (clearly we are never going to get the correct pronunciation of this one) started off with an easy win.  Doug, Corry Hunter, and Bruce Cathcart all chipped in some happy dollars as did our returning friend Ben who was just happy to be back with so many good friends!
Our speaker this day was our very own Penny Lilly from Miracle-Ear who spoke to us about hearing loss, diagnostics, and hearing aids.  Like most speakers, she started off by asking “Can everyone hear me?” The irony was not lost on our members… well, at least not those that could hear her!  Penny obtained her Associate of Applied Science (Technical) Degree as a Hearing Instrument Specialist at Spokane Falls Community College in Washington State.  She recently moved to Indian Wells from Las Vegas and has been in the hearing industry since 2011.  Penny shared with us that anyone having trouble hearing and understanding voices on the telephone would be eligible for a free “CaptionCall” phone.  She made a brochure available to the members but for those that missed it and may be in need of such a device, please see Penny for this valuable FREE service.  Penny then educated us on the 3 types of hearing loss and the different diagnostic techniques used in the industry today.  My main take-away from Penny’s presentation was that the high frequencies (as far as hearing loss) are the first to go and that women speak at an average 450hz while men speak at 250hz… so when a man is accused by his wife of “selective hearing” it may not really be their fault!  Our members asked many good questions which Penny had no difficulty in answering.  We learned that her company has 36 models and styles of hearing aids available ranging from $895.00 per ear to over $4,000.00 per ear (and yes, most health insurance policies help pay for these!).  Our president-elect has met with Penny at her office (located just East of the Cliff House in Point Happy 78730 Hwy 111 Suite 140) and raves about her skills and service.  Thank you Penny for an excellent and much needed presentation. We are so fortunate to have Penny as a member of our Rotary Club!  For more information on Penny and Miracle-Ear check out her website at
President-elect Baird called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart