President Frank called the meeting to order and, after the flag salute, offered an invocation and asked that everyone remember the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Guests included visiting Rotarian Bob and his wife Phyllis from North Carolina. We were also happy to welcome Supervisor John Benoit to our meeting. A very special guest was Betty Wolf, wife of Leroy Anderson. Betty won the raffle drawing and President Frank presented her with her check for $10,000. Congratulations, Betty.

Andy Lorenz asked everyone to read an upcoming email from him with the new membership roster. Each member is asked to review his or her information and let Andy know if there are any corrections to be made. President Frank announced that Jean Easum won the District-wide election for District Governor 2012-2013. The District Conference is just around the corner and co-chair Diane Kelly invited everyone to visit our club hospitality suite on Friday, June 4th, beginning at 5:30 p.m. The club will be dark on June 11th in lieu of the Demotion Party on June 12th. You can sign up on line for the Demotion Party. Bruce Franklin was a $5 winner in our weekly 50/50 raffle.

Jeff Wattenbarger did his farewell performance as one of our three fine masters for this year. He tapped Andy Lorenz and Dave Turner for their late arrival and John Benoit for tickets and electioneering. A discussion on academic prowess between USC and Stanford led to a contribution from Bill Cosgrove. Birthday recognition was given to Allan Levin and Jim Kelly (Diane's husband). Happy Dollars came from Joe LaMantia (support for PRYDE), Mayor Don (good retail conference in Vegas), Judith Redwine (great mid-west trip), Jeff (trip to Denver) and Walter Keating (good medical treatment by Dr. Nora).

We had two speakers with us to discuss the student mentoring program under the non-profit, Pathways to Success. Volunteer Gayl Biondi gave an overview of Pathways to Success and MAS (Mentors Advising Students). A coalition of Coachella Valley institutions and organizations led by the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership (CVEP) have created a regional structure to link the award of scholarships and focused student success support for low income undergraduate students to a valley-wide effort that is creating a broad range of newly developing career pathways as a means of diversifying the local economy.

This initiative links business, education, regional economic development and a variety of local non-profits under the unifying goal of improving college attendance and college success for our under-served youth. Pathways to Success is the first effort of its kind in the Coachella Valley and seeks to build upon existing partnerships that have been created by the CVEP through its Career Pathways Initiative.

In addition, Pathways to Success will also serve as a mechanism to link together the various scholarship giving organizations and student support systems in the Coachella Valley for the benefit of scholarship recipients. The proposal capitalizes on the history of wide spread collaborative initiatives that have been successfully implemented in the Coachella Valley.

Chris Thompson is the MAS Coordinator. Approximately 420 students have received $1.5 million in scholarships and are attending 50 different colleges throughout the country. Many are first generation college attendees. The mentoring program targets this audience. These young men and women have few resources at home to lean on when questions arise about college life and professional planning. The program matches a student with a volunteer mentor who has experience in the student's field of study. The mentor is asked to commit to making contact with the student on a monthly basis by email, telephone or in person for a period of one year. The mentor is to be available to the student to discuss areas of need or assistance. The mentor is asked to share their professional experiences to help the student overcome obstacles.

If you would like to consider becoming a mentor, you can contact Chris at (760)341-2504. His email address is This is an outstanding way to make a big difference in the life of our young scholarship students. Give serious thought to becoming a mentor.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day and take a moment to remember those have served this country and given their lives so that we can live in freedom in this wonderful country.