President Robert introduced our very own Dr. Dennis “Denn” Denning.   Dr. Denning is known as a Pastor, Rotarian, Theologian, Sports Fan, Avid Reader and a Jazz Pianist.  He spoke to us about “The Life and Times of C.S. Lewis and his Literary Impact.”
Denn began his presentation by sharing with us a little more about himself and then how the works of C.S. Lewis had influenced him and his thinking on Christianity.  “Mere Christianity”, one of the 70 books written by C.S. Lewis, clearly had the greatest influence on Denn’s thinking about Christianity.  
When asked by one of the members to elaborate on how… Denn replied that it allowed him to understand Christianity with his head and not just his heart.  It allowed Denn to think critically about faith on a logical, rational basis.  It was noted that this book still sells 500,000 copies a year!  Denn was very knowledgeable not just about the works of C.S. Lewis, but also about his personal history, life and times.  Denn gave a wonderful biography about C.S. Lewis that included stories about his wife, his brother, his career, his life and works.  “In the end,” Denn shared with us, “C.S. Lewis went from atheist to Christian to apologist”.  It was an excellent presentation with plenty of thoughtful questions asked by the members present this day and when Denn was finished it was clear that more than a few of us had our interest sparked to learn more about C.S. Lewis!  To learn more about C.S. Lewis please go to the official website