Bob Wright introduced our speaker for this day as Carl Morgan, the Economic Development Director for the City of Indio.
Carl has over 33 years of experience as an economic development and redevelopment professional. In the City of Long Beach, he managed the Downtown Redevelopment Project Area. Prior to Long Beach, he served as Economic Development Director in the cities of Glendora, Loma Linda, and managed his own private consulting firm CSM Consulting. Prior to joining Indio as the Director of Economic Development in July of 2016, Mr. Morgan was the CEO of two Economic Development Corporations in North San Diego County. Mr. Morgan has a Bachelor of Arts Geography Degree from California State University, Fullerton. Carl is married to his wife and best friend of 34 years, Sherry. They have two children Jenna 31 and Grant 28. His passions are family, golf, music, playing guitar, fine wine, craft beer and travel.  (Courtesy Dr. Bruce)
Carl’s presentation was all about the growth and economic development currently taking place in Indio, “The City of Festivals”.  He shared with us a handout that included five pages of facts and statistics that truly paint a bright future for the City of Indio.  Some fun facts about the music festivals were that there were 125,000 attendees at EACH “Coachella” and 85,000 attendees for “Stagecoach” and that their combined economic impact in the Coachella Valley was $403 MILLION dollars!  Indio also hosts the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival each year with 315,000 attendees as well as the International Tamale Festival with 125,000 attendees!  The City of Indio attracts 1.4 Million visitors each year and by 2020 is expected to have a year round resident population of 100,000.  Carl also told us of all the new commercial developments scheduled to take place throughout the City, some directly north of the freeway, some directly south of the freeway and the big plans for the original Indio downtown area.  All in all it was a very exciting and informative presentation!  To learn more about what’s happening in the City of Indio please visit their official website