We had several snowbird sightings on Friday with Rotarians visiting from British Columbia, Washington and Wisconsin. Sandy Lauer and Frank Blum introduced their guests for lunch. And we are pleased to welcome back Phil Rushing to the club.

President Dan announced that Bob Leidner would be on a leave of absence for the next three to four months. We look forward to your return, Bob. Dan also announced the following dates to remember:

Novemeber 1 – Monday Night Football social at Lampost Pizza on Highway 111. Call Doug Motz for info.

November 5 – Robots Under the Stars – See activities list for details.

November 9 – Board Meeting at Embassy Suites at 5:30 p.m.

November 12 – District Governor's Club Visit

November 13 – Paul Harris Foundation District Gala – See activities list for sign up info.

November 19 – Club Assembly

December 10 – Holiday Party

We had a black ball winner for the second week in a row. The "lucky" Rotarian was Walter Keating.

Sergeant at Arms Alan recognized a several members with no make ups and others with birthdays and anniversaries. Happy dollars were offered for a number of college (Navy, for one) and NFL victories as well as good things that have happened along the way.


If laughter is the best medicine, we left our Friday meeting as a very healthy group of people. Providing the levity was Richard Jones, a poet and a comedian. He started with a suggestion his wife had given him if he was nervous. She said to take a walk to steady his nerves, so he walked from Palm Springs to La Quinta. He wasn't nervous, but he was pretty tired. He ended a string of jokes and poems with a story about his mother in law. He had us laughing all the way.

Richard's website gives an interesting insight into the man behind the jokes. He writes "I am a man that has known homelessness, middle-class living, criminal lifestyle, imprisonment though free since 1990, alcoholism though clean and sober since 1984, raised four daughters as a single father though have two more children out of wedlock, two marriages plus five live-in relationships, deliverance, salvation, and an abiding influence of Godliness. I believe that God has given me something worth sharing. Though God didn't bless me with the wisdom of King Solomon nor with a crumb of his wealth, as each of us, I am blessed by God with my own uniqueness. I plan to share my experiences in a serious didactic yet sometimes humorous manner through my poetry and books. You're most welcome to join me, but only briefly, on my journey. After all, I am just passing through."

Thanks, Richard. We are glad you past our way. You can read more about Richard on his website, www.richardojoneslive.com.