Posted by Bruce Cathcart on Sep 22, 2017
Andy Lorenz is greeted by our Favorite Server Danielle, Dr. Bruce, Sandy and Greg
President Baird called our “First Day of Fall” meeting to order at 12:00 on the dot and lead those who showed up on time (the new time) in the pledge of allegiance. Our immediate past President Tom McDermott gave the invocation.
As the time approached our “old start time” several members joined the meeting just a bit tardy… including this reporter.
We had only one visiting Rotarian this day, Wayne Olmstead formerly from the Tustin – Santa Ana Rotary Club (coincidentally the same Rotary Club that the former La Quinta Rotary Power Couple Dick and Helen Anderson now attend).  We had two guests in attendance this week, visiting Rotarian Wayne’s guest Fran Weaver of La Quinta…
And Cpt. Roy Grace’s guest Lt. Mike Manning who will be replacing Lt. Dave Walton after his four years of dedicated service to our City.  As they say, “There’s a new sheriff in town”!  So let’s all show our support and greet Mike as he (hopefully) is able to attend some of our meetings in the future.
Baird was quick to remind all of those arriving late this day that starting last Friday (9/15/17) our club meetings officially began at 12:00 NOON.  Please spread the word and try not to be late!!!
Our next Club Board meeting will take place on Tuesday October 17th at 5:30 PM at Baird’s Jewelry store which is located in the old Lumpy’s shopping center behind Trader Joe’s.  The address is:  Boucher’s Fine Jewelers 46600 Washington St. #2, La Quinta, CA. 92253.
Volunteers will be needed for both the Props and Hops and Brew in LQ events both coming up on November 18th.  This will be one long day and two events doing what we La Quinta Rotarians do best… pouring and serving beer!  These two events comprise our fall fund raisers for our club so do your best to volunteer and help out.  If possible, recruit family members and/or a few friends.  It is a great way to introduce potential new members to our club and to Rotary!  More details to follow in the coming months.
With about $265.00 in the raffle and a bag still heavily weighted in white marbles “Lucky” Merv Kolb’s ticket was drawn for the second week in a row!!!  “Unlucky” Merv Kolb drew one of those heavily weighted white marbles and settled for the $5.00 consolation prize… also for the second week in a row!
Our Fine Master Allan Levin started the day’s recognition by focusing on the late arrivals (4 of them) that started out at $2 and escalated to $4 in order of arrival. Bruce C. (fine free for this month) sparked a debate regarding whether being Fine Free excused arriving late for meetings or not.  He argued that fine free means… well, fine free.  Allan of course did not see it that way and Bruce ended up paying for the “insult to the club” of arriving late.  Following Allan’s logic, Bruce then contributed another $20 to be added to the $30 already paid for the fine free badge with a promise of another $11 to meet his normal commitment of a buck a year for his (61st) birthday... despite being Fine Free!  This was followed by a couple of no make-ups and Jeff Fishbein chipped in $3 for his birthday way back in June (Allan NEVER forgets!).  Finally, Lucky Merv offered up $10 for his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers in what he promised to be a win last Sunday over the Chicago Bears.  As it turned out, it must have been Unlucky Merv who made the prediction as the Steelers lost to the Bears 23-17!  Another pretty small haul for Allan and the club this week… so now would be a good time to start thinking about some “Happy Reasons” in your life to volunteer some “Happy Dollars” this coming Friday.
Our speaker this day was Kellie Kennedy the Membership Sales Manager for REACH Air Medical Services.  This would be Kellie’s second visit to our club and on each occasion she made an excellent presentation about a service that all of us should have and that none of us ever hopes to need!  The AirMedCare Network is an alliance of affiliated air ambulance providers – the largest of its kind in the United States.  An AirMedCare Network membership automatically enrolls you in all the participating provider’s membership programs, giving you membership coverage across a combined 39 state service area with 320 air bases.  We learned that most health insurance policies do NOT cover emergency air transport to medical services when required to save “life or limb”.  A membership with REACH sells for $65 per year and covers all household members in a family 100% for the cost of emergency air transport (when using their service) to medical facilities.  The two remaining members of the Bruce Club (Bruce C. and Dr. Bruce) stayed after the meeting and worked with Kellie to set up a special program for District 5330 Rotarians to get a $10 discount from their normal fee when purchasing the “Emergent” membership as per an email received from Kellie today which stated, “I am now able to offer all District Rotarians #5330 a $10.00 discount to our "Emergent" air ambulance membership. Use Plan Code #13596 plus Track Code #13906. The plan code will reduce the "Emergent" membership from $65.00 annually to $55.00 (entire household included).” 
Additional membership plans are available.  For more information on this amazing service please check out the AirMedCare site at or contact Kellie direct at (760) 218-0802 or by email at  Thank you Kellie for making an excellent presentation on a very valuable service.
President Baird called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart