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Rotarians and guests gather in fellowship
With both June and summer temps nearly upon us, President Corry called the 38th  meeting of the 28th year of the Rotary Club of La Quinta’s weekly meeting to order.  Rey Neufeld led us in the flag salute followed by an invocation by Andy Lorenz.
President Corry made the following announcements:
The next club board meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 17th at Doug Motz Insurance Company’s office starting at 5:30 PM.
Joe LaMantia announced that Rotary Direct forms were found and now available at the greeting table or online at .  A question was raised regarding the District’s current status on “matching points” for PHF Donations.  The following is the text from a recent email provided by Dick Anderson:

The District is offering incentive points for contributions to the Annual Fund.  Members will earn points one of two ways.

1.  Contribute cash to the Annual fund.  The District will match up to 500 points for $500.  Become a Paul Harris Fellow for $500!!!  How great is that.

2.  Become a new Rotary Direct member.  Contribute $20 or more per month and you will receive 100 points for signing up.

Please be advised that this program is not retroactive.  Points will be given until gone.  Points will not be given to clubs.
Hopefully Dick will be in attendance this Friday and be able to answer any questions the club members may have on this subject.
The demotion party will be held on June 27, 2015 at the La Quinta Hotel at 5:30 PM.  Cost is $50.00 per person.  More info to follow next week!
Clearly an accurate description... doing what we do best!
Allan Levin reported that beer sales at the Palm Springs Air Museum Memorial Day Air Show went quite well with a grand total of $2.00 in tips being made.  I personally find this very hard to believe considering that our newest and possibly most attractive member Victoria Llort was helping to sell beer at this event.  The only plausible explanation I can think of is that the “tips” jar was on Allan’s side of the serving table.
President Corry then invited up membership chairman Bruce Underwood, proposed new members Ben Anglin and Victoria Llort (pronounced “Lort”) as well as sponsors Diane Kelly and (standing in for Baird Boucher) Bruce Cathcart.  Corry himself performed the induction ceremony using the new presentation speech prepared earlier this year by our induction speech committee members.  He did a terrific job.  Welcome to Rotary new members Ben and Victoria!  We all look forward to your friendship and comradery as well as the opportunity to learn more about each of you through your craft talk later this year.
With next to nothing in the jackpot and a bag full of marbles this week Jimbo Dorr held the winning raffle ticket.  Unfortunately for Jimbo (but good for the rest of us) he drew a clear marble and won only $5.00!
Our Fine Master Walter Keating started today’s recognition off by selling our newest members their membership badges.  Victoria was surprised to learn that Baird had prepaid for her badge and Ben was so happy that he paid twice the going rate of $10.00 for his badge.  I think both are off to a great start and will make fine Rotarians!
Allan Levin paid $20.00 for his birthday and $10.00 to celebrate his son Drew’s graduation from College with a BFA degree in film production and editing.  Bruce Cathcart paid $5.00 for being late and another $20.00 for his niece’s graduation from High School.  David Archer paid for his wife Lori’s birthday.  Andy Lorenz paid for he and wife Sally’s 54th anniversary… rumor has it Sally’s application for sainthood has recently been submitted for consideration.  Joe LaMantia paid for… well… Joe always gives a little something, so let’s say he paid for being a good Rotarian! Diane Kelly prepaid $5.00 for an upcoming Alaskan Cruise.  If she returns the issue will no doubt be brought up again.  And finally, Bruce Underwood paid just because he was happy to be in attendance!
Our speaker this day was Kellie Kennedy, the Director of Business Development at the Desert Arc Recycle Center in Indio, CA.  The sole mission of Desert Arc is to enhance the quality of life and create opportunities for people with disabilities.  Desert Arc Recycling brings to businesses and neighborhoods the widest range of FREE recycling services in the Coachella Valley. They service their customers through scheduled pick-ups, convenient drop-offs at their location, and collection events.  They can provide contributors with a Charitable Donation Receipt when they participate in their electronic e-waste recycling services as well as many other recycle products such as cardboard, bottles and cans, scrap metal etc.  Kellie did an excellent job outlining all the benefits that Desert Arc Recycle provides to their members as well as the general public.  Of particular interest to Rotarians was the fact that Desert Arc Recycle often partners with local non-profit organizations (LIKE ROTARY) to share the profits from their recycle (or shredding) events when combined with the non-profit’s event… such as the parking lot sales that we did last year in conjunction with the La Quinta Chamber of Commerce.  For more information about Desert Arc go to their website at:  For more information about Desert Arc Recycling go to their website at:  Thank you Kellie for a very interesting and informative presentation!
President Corry closed out the meeting leading the members in the four way test. 
This week’s newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart