Dr Bruce Underwood, our new President, shares his vision for the coming year for Rotary Club La Quinta.
Having just returned from the Rotary International Convention he was anxious to share with us (while he could still remember the details) a little more about his trip but also “Why Rotary” is important to him and why he became a Rotarian.
Dr. Bruce was first exposed to Rotary at the age of 12 in his home town of Ottawa, Kansas (pop. 12,000) back in 1967 where it seemed to him that all the really important citizens in that town were members of the local Rotary club.  Included in that membership were the president of the local college, the CEO of the bank and the Director of the local Chamber of Commerce as well as the most influential business owners.  Later while in college he was friends with a student attending grad school on a Rotary International Scholarship and then after graduating while participating at the International Center for Human Performance he met someone suffering from post-polio syndrome who shared with him all of the good works Rotary was doing with their Polio Plus program.  And finally Dr. Bruce met a couple that had received a World Public Health Award who shared with him that Clean Water was the most important thing developed nations could share with the third world and how this was another goal of Rotary International.  Each of these events resonated with Dr. Bruce and to this day he stated that his passion for Rotary stems from them.
Dr. Bruce then shared a few more highlights from his time spent at the Rotary International Convention shared with 25,000 other Rotarians.  He summarized by saying, “It’s just a GREAT experience”!  He then shared a few of his goals for our club this coming Rotary year.  Dr. Bruce would like to see every member become a Paul Harris Fellow of which only 5 members currently are not.  Of those that are already members he would like to see our club reinstate the Every Rotarian Every Year program with each member contributing at least $100 toward the Annual Fund.  He has set a goal of 2 new members each quarter (8 new members for his Rotary year).  Dr. Bruce also plans to continue with our club’s participation in the Guatemala Literacy Project and wants to make good use of the $5,000.00 in funds we still have on hand for the Eastern Coachella Valley Water project.  And finally, Dr. Bruce sounds focused on the “New Generations” and is looking forward to expanding our participation in RYLA and our youth oriented programs.  All in all it sounds like this coming Rotary year is going to be a great one for the members of the Rotary Club of La Quinta!  Thank Dr. Bruce for being our President this year and thank you for being our “inspirational” speaker this day!
Dr. Bruce called his last meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.