Arnie, Ben, Jen, Barry and Diane are greeted by Victoria, Baird and Adrian
Cory Steven called the meeting to order at 12:15.    Cory led the Pledge of Allegiance and Dr.
Bruce Underwood gave the invocation.
We had a few guests today- Baird Boucher’s guest Kevin Pickett who moved recently from San Francisco area to the La Quinta Cove.  Rey Neufeld also had his sister visiting from Texas.  Our friend and fellow Rotarian Barry from El Monte was here for his last meeting before heading back to his winter home in Oregon for the summer.
Bruce Cathcart read another essay from a scholarship student of “What Rotary means to me”.
Cory reminded everyone that there will be a Board meeting on June 15th.
The Demotion party for Doug Motz will be at the Cliff House at 6pm June 28th.  There was a sign-up sheet sent around by Corry Hunter.   $15 per person for light appetizers as Doug wanted something more casual.
Victoria Llort gave us the joke of the week- short and sweet.
Our Raffle winner was Andy Lorenz with a $5 prize.  This seems to be a pattern as he won the last time I did the minutes.
Allan Levin came to the podium to collect for birthdays, anniversaries and no makeups.   He also caught quite a few Rotarians who missed the mystery hand shaker.    There were also happy dollars and overall Allan kept up his collection efforts quite well.
Cory Steven introduced the speaker for us today, Jim Curtis, Community Services Manager for the City of Indio.  Jim spoke to us today about his role at the City of Indio including parks, youth services, senior services, golf course, and especially the festivals including famous Tamale Festival and the Golden voice festivals including Stagecoach, Coachella, and upcoming Desert Trip.  Highlights include Soccer golf included at the night Lighted Indio Municipal golf course.  The main part of Jim’s job is to handle the special events which include the festivals.  The tamale festival has about 100,000 visitors that attend the two day event with 250,000 tamales being sold.  They are working on recapturing the Guinness World Record with the largest tamale.   They have expanded the Coachella attendance from 99,000 to 125,000 for each weekend.   Community Relations during these festivals is a very important role that Jim takes very seriously by meeting with HOAs in advance to address noise, traffic, etc. and then during the concerts there is a resident hotline that goes right to his cell phone from 10am to 3 am where he addresses the complaints as they come in.  Jim told a couple of good stories about noise complaints that turned out to not be due to the festivals, but the result of some other events.  He gets many more complaints with Coachella than with Stagecoach because of noise.  The policemen are much busier with Stagecoach as there are many more incidents related to alcohol.    They’ve improved over the years on such things as traffic now that a good portion of the festival goers are being bussed to the events.    The unknown now is Desert Trip this fall with 75,000 people coming for the two weekends in October.  Different demographic, unknown traffic, etc.   The way the seating for Desert Trip is set up with be different also.  There will be some low back chair seating for general admission with stadium seating around it and “sky box” suites above the stadium seating.  Security for this type of setup is new to the City and their security forces so they will be visiting other stadium venues that Golden voice uses for events to get some training.  Jim also addressed the security issues - armed security provided by the Sheriff’s department, Indio Police, Palm Springs Police etc. which Golden voice pays for in full.  They have added SWAT teams and other teams in light of the terrorism events that have taken place in San Bernardino and around the world.  Jim finished out by his talk by giving out some t-shirts to lucky Rotarians who had the correct answers to some trivia questions on festivals.  Jim was a great speaker and it was a very informative presentation.  One could not help being impressed at the enormity of his job and his ability to get it done.
This is Javier Ponce our Rotary 4-way Test Speech Competition winner
Cory Steven closed the meeting at 1:30 with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Jennifer Donais.  This will be her last newsletter as she will be moving to Arizona this summer.  Jennifer is an excellent Rotarian and we will all miss her very much.  Thank you for all of your years of service to our community and to the Rotary Club of La Quinta.