Posted by Bruce Cathcart on Oct 20, 2017
Rey, Robert and Andy are greeted by Diane, Dr. Bruce and Kevin
President Baird called our meeting to order promptly at 12:15 and lead us in the pledge of allegiance. Joe LaMantia gave the invocation.
We had two visiting Rotarians this day, soon to be new member Wayne Olmstead formerly from the Tustin – Santa Ana Rotary Club and returning visitor Bob Lovely from Olympia, Washington.
Also, WELCOME BACK Marc Rosen!
Introduced as our only guest was our Speaker for this day, Jeremy Wittie, MS.
President Baird made the following announcements/reminders:
Our next Club Board meeting will take place on Tuesday November 28th at 5:30 PM at Lee Osborne and Corry Hunter’s Office.
Volunteers are still needed for the Props and Hops event coming up on November 18th.  If possible, recruit family members and/or a few friends.  It is a great way to introduce potential new members to our club and to Rotary!  This event takes place during the day.  See Allan Levin to sign up or for more details.  If you are unable to attend this event you are invited to pour beer at the Brew in LQ which is also a Rotary sponsored event that will take place on the same date… only it will be at night (4-9 PM).  If interested please see Doug Motz or Dave Turner to sign up or for more details.  These are two great (FUN) events that will both benefit our club!
Saturday, November 11th at 2:00 is the dedication of the "Never to be Forgotten Fountain" honoring our Veterans and Active service Men and Women. The Ribbon Cutting and Open house will be open until 5:00 pm. There will be demonstrations of classes they have now and ones they plan to have in the future. Their mission is to offer 'hands on" art classes and experiences and to support art education for those with physical, emotional and financial challenges.  600 children painted tiles this summer for the fountain. The newly “tiled” fountain will be a beautiful tribute and this event should be a lot of fun!
This year’s Club membership Chairman Diane Kelly made a small presentation encouraging us all to bring guests and potential members to lunch each week as membership is truly the life blood of Rotary.
Our Rotary Club of La Quinta speaker for October 27, 2017 at our 12:15 Luncheon Meeting is Chuck Weisbart.  Chuck is our District Membership Chair.
Bruce C. announced that the two memorial trees in honor of Ed Casey and Adrian Gyzi have been planted at the top of the Cove in the "Oasis"  He thanked Nick for all of his efforts coordinating this through the City of La Quinta and Bob Wright of obtaining the trees.  He gave special thanks to Raphael Alvarado, the City of La Quinta's Assistant Parks Supervisor for going above and beyond by helping Bruce to locate and dig the holes and help plant the trees. 
With well over $330 in the raffle, our winner of 4 out of the last 5 drawings unlucky Merv had his ticket draw again!!! And just like every time before, Merv drew another white marble and ended up winning only the $5 consolation prize.
Our Fine Master Allan Levin started the day’s fining by recognizing the perpetually late Dave Turner for a tardy arrival… without the extra 1 minute grace period afforded Dave by President Baird last week he made it just in time this week for the “Amen”. 
Bruce C. made good on his bet with Merv against the Wildcats last week and threw in an extra fiver in celebration of Marc Rosen’s return.
Last week Diane contributed some happy dollars for the El Paseo in Pink Event (Supporting the awareness and victims of breast cancer) and then posted this picture on FaceBook this week.
Jimbo door threw in $50 for a new car and I think maybe a birthday, Immediate past president Tom Mc D paid for 4 no make-ups, and Sandy “I can’t believe that I am late again” Lauer tossed in a few bucks that also covered one no make-up.  Allan was on a roll by this time and collected $50 from Bob Wright for his anniversary with his wife Jacqueline and Marc Rosen made Allan’s day with $100 for being a Senior Active  (or is it an activated Senior?) as he celebrated his 67th birthday this month.  Before returning to his seat Allan nicked Robert W. for no pin and Kevin… well, just because he could!  Best day for the club in while.  Thank you all for your generosity!
Our speaker this day was Jeremy Wittie, MS.  Jeremy is the General Manager of the Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District (CVMVCD).  Jeremy has been the GM for the CVMVCD since 2008 and as the son of an Entomologist comes by his love of science and insects quite naturally.  I am tempted to say it is in his blood but since his spent most of his presentation talking about mosquitos and the pathogens that they transmit via the blood I will avoid the shameless pun (or is it already too late?).  Jeremy has a medical entomological degree which perfectly prepared him for his current position with the CVMVCD.  The district was formed in 1928 to deal with the eye gnats in the Coachella Valley and today with an annual budget of $10 million the mission of the CVMVCD is to monitor and control vector and /or mosquito transmitted diseases.  Today their primary focus is on the Red Imported Fire Ants and Mosquito control.  Jeremy went into the science behind how they monitor and control vector and mosquitos from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea (about 2,400 square miles) which was really interesting!
Jeremy also had some very cool samples of mosquito traps and live mosquitos in both larval and adult stages.  Public outreach and public education is another important part of Jeremy’s job as the district relies upon the public to detect and notify the district when vector and mosquitos are sighted.  This is especially important with the discovery of the new mosquito threat in town from the Aedis Egyptize mosquito (a black and white mosquito) which transmits yellow fever.  It was another very well done and enlightening presentation and we all want to thank Jeremy and the CVMVCD for all that they do to control vector and mosquitos here in our valley!  One more note here… our very own Rotary Club of La Quinta member Dr. Bruce Underwood was a Board Member of the CVMVCD for the past 9 years!  Thank you Dr. Bruce for your Service Above Self for our community.
President Baird called the meeting to a close at 1:30 PM with the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Bruce Cathcart