Victoria, Eunice, Baird and Adrian were at the greeting table
President Doug called to order our first meeting of the New Year at 12:15.  He led us in the pledge and asked Robert Wilkinson to offer the invocation.
President Doug exchanges flags with a visiting Rotarian from Stockton
Our snowbird collection continues to grow, welcoming Rotarians from Canada, North Carolina and Stockton. 
Allan with son Jonathon a Wells Fargo Mortgage Representative
We also welcomed our “first lady”, Carol Motz, and Allan Levin’s son, Jonathan.  It was great to see Ed Casey return to the club after a long convalescence.
Corry Hunter spoke about the upcoming Strut Your Mutt fund raiser.  The next meeting will be at Doug Motz’s place of business following the Club Board meeting.  Corry also made available flyers and rack cards to advertise for the event. 
President Doug announced that Lothar Vasholz was selected as Rotarian of the Month for December.
Victoria Llort provided her “blonde” joke and Corry Hunter was a $5.00 raffle winner.
Dick Anderson and President Doug welcomed Diana Weaver into the Paul Harris fellowship.
President-elect Tom McDermott was awarded his Paul Harris plus two sapphires pin.  Our club of 43 now has 40 Paul Harris Fellows.  Dick also asked that members consider signing up for Rotary Direct for your Foundation contributions.  Through Rotary Direct (accessed through the Rotary website) you can make a single donation or set up recurring donations on a monthly or annual basis.
Fine Master Allan Levin welcomed all to the New Year and auctioned off the Fine Free Badge for January.  Eunice was the high bidder and assisted in carrying the collection basket.  Allan immediately recognized our three tardy members.  How’s that for getting off on the right foot.  Our only birthday celebrant was Eunice Somerset.  That may have had something to do with her bid for the Fine Free Badge.  Having little else to recognize, Allan opened the door to a flood of happy dollars for successful sporting teams over the past several weeks.  There were too many to list all.  However, Dick Anderson did praise the Navy football team for winning a school record 11 games, beating Army for the 14th straight time, beating Pitt in the Military Bowl and for Quarterback Keenan Reynolds setting numerous school and NCAA records.  Happy dollars were also offered for a wonderful holiday with family and for hopeful improvement in the stock market.
Dr. Lori Friesen spoke to us today about an innovating program she developed to encourage reading for second graders.  How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed in the Classroom grew out of her own teaching experiences and her doctoral work in elementary education.  The foundation of the program is a small stuffed dog given to each child in the classroom.  The child reads to the dog in school and at home.  The dog is not judgmental and does not criticize, encouraging the child to stretch their reading skills.  There are many elements to the program that assist the student such as Weekly Bone Work, the Tricky Trouble Words Dog Bag and I’m Doggone Brilliant Boards.  This is a two month program that starts with the start of school.  Testing has shown that students improve both their reading comprehension and reading level.  You can learn more about this fascinating program at
President Doug closed the meeting with the recitation of the Four Way Test.
This newsletter was written by Dick Anderson