Rotary Club of La Quinta

Service above self since 1985



President-elect Sandy Stewart called the meeting to order and asked Marc Rosen to lead us in the flag salute.  Greg Lane then offered the invocation.  Getting right to the heart of the meeting, Sandy called for the raffle.  Dick Anderson drew the raffle ticket which was held by Helen Anderson.

Returning to the normal format, Sandy called for announcements.

               Dick Jandt said that all of the ding-a-ling spots were filled.  Thanks to all the dingers.

               Joe LaMantia encouraged members to sign  up for automatic deduction for RI Foundation giving.

               Applause and thanks went to Doug and Carol Motz for hosting a fantastic Holiday Party.

               For those who took note, the flock landed at the Motz home in time for the party.

               The garage sale netted about $450.00 and will be repeated in April.  Thanks to David Archer.

               The Interact Club Car Wash is tomorrow from 8-12.  Have your car cleaned for the Holidays.

               “Strut Your Mutt” planning is going forward.  Allan will do beer and Bruce will do hot dogs.  Help needed.

               Jimbo asked that you keep the tabs coming.  He thanked Dick Baphol for bringing in 2800+ tabs.

               Walter will host a party for Rotarians at his house for the “Hope” on Saturday and Sunday.  Let him know.

               The next Board meeting will be on January 16th at Lee Osborne’s office.

               Andy Lorenz made a final plea for updated/correct info for the club directory.


Our Sergeant At Arms then took the podium to review his naughty and nice list.  Several late arrivals and no make ups were noted.  Birthdays were announced for Brett Anderson and Jim Dorr’s wife, Karen.  Celebrating anniversaries were Dick and Helen Anderson, Frank and Marilyn Blum and Nick and Marsha Kraushaar.  A number of Rotarians were really happy and helped make Allan’s day.


Our speaker today was Mike Wagner, a math teacher at La Quinta High School.  Before his talk Mike thanked our club for its support of the scholarship and leadership programs at the high school.  Mike’s topic was “Astronomy – Myths and Realities”, focusing on the apocalyptic end of time according to the Mayan calendar.  He gave some very interesting background on the Mayan civilization and their Long Calendar.  The calendar is based on units of 20.  They all add up to a lot of “tuns”, “katuns” and “baktuns”.  December 21, 2012 is the start of the 13th Baktun.  He discussed and dismissed the four most loudly heralded apocalypse theories.  Thanks Mike for putting us all on notice.  The End.

Editor’s note:  This bulletin is coming to you today because we might not be here tomorrow.