President Robert called to order the 15th meeting of the 26th year of the La Quinta Rotary Club.  Marc Rosen led us in the flag salute, and Walter Keating offered the invocation.  We had several visiting Rotarians today including Dr. Rick Gross from Germany and Karen and Rick Owen from Cupertino.  Also making a brief and vocal appearance today was our own Palmer Riedel.   

President Robert reminded us of the District Conference this weekend at the Doral Princess in Cathedral City.  Tonight is the welcoming event at the various Club Hospitality Suites.  All are invited.  The Veterans Expo will be held tomorrow at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio.  Come out and cheer on our hot dog cookers.  Helen Anderson announced that the District has approved our Guatemala Literacy Grant and approved $4,000.00 in District funds for the grant.  With the match from RI our total contribution comes to $9,500.00!  Helen also reported that Dick had spoken at the Manhattan Beach Rotary Club, and they have pledged $6,000.00 to the project.  Dick reported, good to his word, Lothar Vasholz sent him a check for $25.00 for the Rotary Foundation.  This was the result of Lothar’s misplaced trust in Colorado, which lost by more than his two touchdown spread to USC.  President Robert reported that Marc Rosen will lead the Four Way Test competition.   Nick Kraushaar is getting ready for the Mock Trial completion.  LeRoy Anderson struck gold when he drew the black marble in today’s raffle.     


Our illustrious Sergeant at Arm, Mr. Allan Levin, then took to the podium to extract his due from under-performing members.  Nick Kraushaar had a no make-up and also had the misfortune of having a birthday this month, as did Wes Farris and Corry Hunter’s wife, Kristyn.  Allan then queried LeRoy as to the amount of his winnings he would contribute to the club.  It was finally determined that “Tithing” was appropriate and he returned 10% to the club.  Originated by Bruce Underwood, a spirited discussion followed as to the origins of tithing.  Not taking sides, this reporter went to Wikipedia for the following: “Traditional Jewish law and practice has included various forms of tithing since ancient times. Traditional Jews commonly practice ma'aser kesafim (tithing 10% of their income to charity).”   Following this discussion, Allan got back on track and cited Greg Lane, Sandy Lauer and Diane Kelly for being late.  The issue was eventually settled following claims of traffic and being in a long sign in line.  Allan also issued a very stern admonishment to all members to check their personal information and update it on our Club website.  Should the information be found to be incorrect, members will be skewered.  This is not a trick or treat!

Just when Allan was ready to step down, he was barraged with a flurry of Happy Dollars.  These included Joe LaMantia for a good turnout for the Foundation Training Program, Merv Kolb for an expected win by Arizona over USC, President Robert supporting Oregon, Don Adolph supporting USC and Bruce Underwood for Kansas basketball.  Doug Motz acknowledged a great vacation and Dan Fissori thanked Dave Turner for a good deed.  Rey Neufeld announced that he will be leading a Grief Share program on “How Do We Survive The Holidays” to help those who have lost loved ones.  It will be offered at Destiny Church on Saturday, November 10 at 10:00 a.m.  Contact Rey for more information.


Bob Wright introduced our speaker, Rotarian Bob Haunschild.  Bob spoke to us on the ravages of diabetes and heart disease.  Attention getters were that one in every two deaths result from cardiovascular disease and that one in four Americans have diabetes.  In older adults, read most of us, we produce less nitrous oxide.  In our youth the nitrous oxide was in part responsible for keeping our arteries clean.  And who was sitting there during this discussion enjoying an artery clogging portion of Hula Pie?  Bob suggested that one possible solution was to stimulate the production of nitrous oxide through dietary changes or taking supplements containing L-Arginine.  He also offered the opportunity to have your central aortic systolic pressure measured.  This test is purported to give you an indication of the health age of your heart.  Bob also raffled off a copy of a book by Dr. John Cooke on the subject which was won by Helen Anderson.

President Robert concluded the meeting with the recitation of the Four Way Test.