Gary Jeandron

President Sandy Stewart called the 4th meeting of the 27th year of our La Quinta Rotary Club to order and asked member David Archer to lead us in the pledge.  This was followed by the invocation from our own wordsmith Joe LaMantia.




                   Joe LaMantia leads us in the invocation




               Allan and Joe Check in with Tom, Doug and Adraian

At the greeting table this week was Tom McDermott taking attendance, Doug Motz selling lunch tickets and Adrian Gysi selling Raffle tickets.  

It was a typical small summertime gathering with only one visiting Rotarian who introduced himself as Jerry Crist with 30 tears of perfect attendance visiting from the Palms to Pines Rotary club in Palm Desert. David Archer introduced our only guest today, potential new member Chris McCullough from Rabobank.



           President Sandy delivering this week's announcements


President Sandy announced the results of the Board’s recent vote on the proposed new membership classifications… thumbs up for establishing a new “Corporate Membership” and thumbs down for the proposed “Emeritus Membership” which would have created a special category for past La Quinta Rotary club members to stay connected to our club.  Sandy then gave us a report on the Galilee ribbon cutting ceremony that was held this past Monday evening.  It appears that it was a terrific success and attended by members from all of the Rotary clubs in the Coachella Valley that participated in this very worthwhile project as well as a few local politicians out early on the campaign trail.  



Dick, Robert, and Sandy at the Galilee Center ribbon cutting ceremony


Palm Desert Rotary had a very successful “Taco Tuesday Mixer” at Tommy Bahamas which was apparently another stop on the campaign trail for our local politicos.  The success of the event has inspired Sandy and a few others to investigate the possibility of our own club hosting a similar event.  It was announced that there will be a Rotary Foundation seminar to be held at the La Quinta Red Robin and a Rotary Membership Workshop to be held at Mimi’s in Rancho Mirage with the time and dates to be emailed to all members in the next few days.  The flamingos have flown the coop and apparently are circling one of our local gated communities with a golf course and looking for a place to land.  If they end up on your front lawn please gently gather them up and bring them to the next meeting or contact our president who will schedule their pick up!  The Coachella Valley East Rotary club will be hosting their annual fall golf tournament at the Mountain View Country Club on September 16 starting at 8 AM in the morning.  Let’s see if we can help them out with a couple of foursomes from our club!  Jimbo Dorr announced that the Horse Race / Duck Race may be rescheduled due to the amount of spirits consumed at the event’s planning meetings.  Apparently this is the BEST committee to be on and so interested members should contact Jimbo and get involved!



Sandy and David presenting Past President Robert with his plaque



David Archer made a formal presentation to Robert Wilkinson of a gavel and plaque to honor and commemorate his year of service to our club as president.  Robert graciously accepted the plaque and humbly credited his and our club’s success last year to the “group effort” and participation of the members. Robert asked that our members give this year’s president the same level of support in hopes that our club will be able to continue to build upon our successes in previous years.  Thank you again Robert for your service.


With a jackpot worth only $50.00 this week the odds heavily favored a white marble in the draw, and so it came to pass as Nick Kraushaar held the winning ticket, but not the winning marble.  His $5.00 prize was eventually donated back to the club.



            Our favorite server Ray with some grilled Salmon salads

The lunch choices today were the Cliff House Grilled Salmon Salad with mixed greens, Basil oil, Tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese, the traditional Chicken Caesar salad, or the Bleu Cheese Wedge Salad.  As I have just started my summer diet I had to look with envy upon those enjoying a delicious slice of Hula Pie covered in chocolate sauce and just a dab of whipped cream!




Allan Levin stepped up to the podium and immediately raffled off the fine free badge.  The bidding was fierce (as it always is in August) but Ed Casey ended up being the winning bidder to the tune of $65.00 in honor of his upcoming 82nd birthday.  David Turner graciously volunteered to carry the collection basket for Ed.  Starting with a long list of no make ups Allan was unable to collect from all but a couple of Rotarians as most members had either “really good excuses” or claimed to have made up by attending some other club event.  Recovering from the rather slow start Allan collected on Doug Motz’s IOU for $55.00 plus a few happy dollars. On the big news front Corry Hunter’s pregnant wife Kristen fell and broke her arm which prompted her to get the baby checked out. This led to an early discovery that they are now expecting a baby girl to go along with their young son.  Corry is scheduled to see the “snip” doctor a few months after the delivery to “fix” what definitely is not broken.  And speaking of pregnancies… past member Nora Coleman was sighted recently at Costco looking like she was trying to steal a basketball tucked under her shirt.  President Sandy confirmed her condition but could not remember if Nora was expecting a boy or a girl.  She told Allan and me that she was pretty sure it was one or the other.  As I am also a blond, Allan was kind enough to explain to me that there really weren’t many other options!  I personally have never seen any of our members been so abused for one single accomplishment as our own Tom McDermott.  Having already paid several fines for being named California’s Trial Attorney of the Year and having been celebrated in many forms of the media, this past week Tom appeared in the lead article (with photo) in the Desert Sun and is now known as “The Legal Eagle [that] Still Soars”!  And finally, Allan collected a few bucks from each of our members who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Galilee Center who managed to get their picture in the Desert Sun.  Included in the list were Robert Wilkinson, Sandy Lauer and as it turns out Diane Kelly who paid for having her feet in the photo (Allan tried for a dollar a toe and he ended up with a buck a foot).  Also attending the ribbon cutting was President Sandy who gave a few happy dollars for receiving more than a sprinkle but only slightly less than a shower of Holy Water from the Bishop who “blessed” the ceremony.  Thank you Bishop for giving our leader a little “extra” blessing this year!



                    Corry, Gary Jeandron, and David


Our speaker this day was Doug Motz’s in-law, retired Palm Springs Chief of Police and candidate for the California State Assembly Gary Jeandron.  Gary is an honorary Palm Springs Rotarian and was a very entertaining speaker.  Gary spoke to us about several of his experiences as Chief of Police for the City of Palm Springs and some of the flaws in our current “justice” system.  As a certified counselor/therapist Gary gave us a deeper understanding of how crime prevention does not come in the form of security alarms, cameras, guard dogs or similar items that immediately come to mind, but rather through education.  Our current justice system has really taken most of the consequences away for the criminals after they have been caught committing a crime.  Our overcrowded jails combined with the upcoming mandatory prisoner release mandates are actually keeping criminals out of jail!  And without consequences there just is no incentive for criminals to stop committing crimes.  Clearly it is the old risk/reward dilemma, with the risk of consequences being almost non-existent.  The ultimate goal or solution lies in the notion that individuals must elevate themselves on the moral development scale to the point to where they “choose” not to commit crimes simply because it is just not the right thing to do.  This is a much greater challenge for today’s youth who are raised in the absence of a strong father figure or family structure and have found refuge and “family” support with their local street gang.  More problems than solutions were discussed today but Gary provided a very thought provoking presentation and would certainly be a great speaker to have back at a future date.  To learn more about Gary Jeandron and his campaign for the California State Assembly seat please go to his website at


President Sandy closed out the meeting leading the members in the four way test.