Rotary Club of La Quinta

Service above self since 1985



It was a hot August night in June as the members of the La Quinta Rotary Club gathered at the La Quinta Hotel to formally demote President Robert... this year's now past president.  Andy Lorenz did a fine job presenting a tribute to Robert in photos he somehow managed to collect from various sources that will remain anonymous.  There was some speechifying, the obligatory thank yous... and of course the naming of this year's Rotarian of the Year David Turner. (Who was unfortunately unable to attend and no doubt off doing great humanitarian deeds.)


Somewhere between the old regime's goodbyes and the new regime's hello's the membership was beset upon by such a sight and sounds that I almost spit my $50 plate of rubber chicken onto the floor.  It was Funny and Share assaulting us with singing "I Got You Babe".  Yes, it was true!  While they appeared a bit older, there was no mistaking Share's long black locks that flowed down over her shoulders and true to form there was Funny down on his knees before her.  While I recognized some of the words to the old favorite, I had either forgotten most of them myself or somewhere along the line they had been changed.  None the less, it was a spectacle that no one present will ever forget.



For those members that were unable to attend I am certain (well, praying) that this is a once in a lifetime event that should may never occur again.  But those inspiring words they shared... well, they were just too good not to repeat.