The last meeting in March was called to order by President Robert Wilkinson.  Dick Jandt led the flag salute and Dick Anderson gave us words of thought and prayer.  There were 9 visiting Rotarians from Washington, 1 each from Kansas, Minnesota and 2 from California.  There were a couple of guests including the football and baseball coach from John Glenn Middle School.  Also present were our two speakers and their family members; more on them later.

President Robert gave reports on the following:

Strut Your Mutt had between 400-500 people in attendance as well as 200-250 dogs. President Robert thanked everyone who participated in this event.  The estimated profit for the scholarship fund will be approximately $4800.  David Turner, event chair, also thanked everyone who participated.  David also invited all who participated to a "wrap" party at 5pm next Tuesday at the Cliff House.

The Scholarship committee met last week and reviewed the dossiers on those applying.

Next Saturday, April 6th, is the Interact Car Wash, being held near Chase Bank.  Also next Saturday, April 6th, is the Rotary Garage Sale in the parking lot in front of Lumpy's on Washington..

The next Board meeting is April 17th at Lee Osborne's office.

Dick Jandt announced that the La Quinta Annual Community Picnic and Birthday celebration will Saturday, April 27th.  The Rotary Club will be serving hot dogs.  Check with Dick if you are going to participate in grilling and "bunning".

It was announced that Tom McDermott will be inducted into the California Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame (Litigation Section) in June.  Way to go Tom.

Dick Anderson announced on Good Friday that it's a great Friday because our Rotary Grant for the Coachella Water Project was submitted today to Rotary International.


Dick then presented initial Paul Harris awards to Tom McDermott and Bruce Underwood.

President Elect Sandy Stewart, announced the District Assembly on April 20th at Riverside. Any member can attend and the Club pays the fee.

With only a few balls in the bag, Dan Fissori picked a marble.  A roar went up from the assembled crowd when a white one was picked for $5.

Recognition fees from the Finemaster were paid by the following members for various honors and deeds: Bruce F, Joe L, Brett A, Adrian, Ben H, David T, Nick, Dick "tell a joke get fined" Jandt, Bruce C., and Sandy Stewart.


Marc Rosen took the podium to discuss the recent 4-Way Test at La Quinta High School.  Before introducing the students, Marc gave a very interesting history of the origin of the 4-Way Test.  Liberty Feliciano, our second place winner, spoke on Pornography as it relates to the 4-Way Test.  The first prize went to Ivonne Verduzco who related the 4-Way Test to bullying.  Both of these ladies are juniors.  Good work by both presenters and congratulations to Mark and his team of judges for a successful contest.

The meeting was adjourned with the recitation of the 4-Way Test.