President Frank Blum opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Lothar Vasholz gave a lovely invocation reminding us this Friday was Good Friday and Passover week. Frank opened the meeting with religious information on how various religions deal with getting rid of squirrels.

We had a number of guests from Western Canada, including two guests from Edmonton and one guest from the Madison Wisconsin who was a $5.00 winner in our draw. He later donated his winnings back to the Club. Rey Neufeld reminded us our Paul Harris donations need to be in by next week or sooner so we can get matching funds from our District.

Bruce Cathcart was the Sergeant at Arms and Jeff Wattenbarger carried the basket. It was the first meeting of the month and the fine free badge was up for sale. After some spirited bidding Merv Kolb was the lucky winner for $60.00.

Bruce was in great form raising money for the club from our Birthday people, Greg Lane gave for his Birthday and his wife's Charlene's Birthday. Robert Wilkinson added to the pot for his wife's Nancy's birthday. Lothar was honored for his charitable work. Bruce also had us play a few games such as what surname do more people have in the club than any other and what first name is the most popular, the answer is Anderson and the first name is Robert. Bruce fined the people who got it right.

Mayor Don Adolph had some "Happy Dollars" to celebrate a good month for La Quinta, The La Quinta Art's Festival was a great success, Taste of La Quinta sold out and crime was down in La Quinta from last year. The culprits who planted the Canadian flag in place of the American flag were also caught, it seems it was all a prank after enjoying some time at the Beer Hunter. The punishment for them was to learn the second verse of The Star Spangled Banner. We may have to make Willy, (Frank's Guide Dog in training) an Honorary Member as he had his picture in the paper more this month than any member. Lisa our exchange student from New Zealand is on the La Quinta High School Prom Court Committee and she is still razing money for her trip this summer with other exchange students by selling a cookbook.

Elizabeth Printy hosted the winners of the Four Way Test Speech Contest from La Quinta High School. Elizabeth thanked her committee for helping her with the selection along with Carol Ramirez from La Quinta High School. The winner of the contest was Brittany Boiko and she will be going to the District conference representing our Club. Our program featured Brittany repeating her winning speech, Good Luck, Brittany, your speech was inspiring. Marco Velarde-Banuelos got Second Place, Tyler Beltran, Third Place, Natalie Reyes & Lauren Blankenship tied for Fourth Place (Lauren was not able to attend).

Diane Kelly reminded us June 5th is the District Conference at the Dural CC with the theme "Under the Tuscan Sun". La Quinta Rotary will have a hospitality suite at this event, so mark you calendars.

A special "Thanks" to Sandy Stewart, who stood in for the editor while he and his wife were tasting wine in Napa. Also don't forget to make your Paul Harris donation ASAP so Rey can take advantage of the District's matching offer. Let's get this done by this Friday.