Our speaker this day was Eric Davenport.  Eric Davenport is a local chiropractor at Gonstead Family Chiropractic and a fellow Rotarian with the Indio Sunrise Rotary Club and a Paul Harris Fellow. Eric has a passion to serve our youth both inside and outside of his practice. Eric has served as Director of Youth Services coordinating both RYLA and PRYDE programs and serves as the Team/School chiropractor for Indio and Shadow Hills High Schools. 

Today he shared with us how his approach to chiropractic differs from how most practice chiropractic in our valley, why moms would actually bring in their babies for an adjustment and the health benefits reached beyond pain through this approach."​​​[Courtesy Dr. Bruce Underwood]

Eric did an excellent job explaining the different types of stress we all experience on a daily basis; Physical Stress, Emotional Stress and Chemical Stress and how these stresses cause interference between the brain and body which can be attributed (in many cases) to the mis-alignment of the body.  He further went on to diagram for us how when there is interference between the Brain and the Body function becomes malfunction, ease becomes disease and good health becomes poor health.  Eric recommended a series of chiropractic adjustments to restore the proper alignment of the body to eliminate the interference between the Brain and the Body and gave several successful examples of people that he has been able to help accomplish this.

Eric was an excellent speaker and it was clear to all that he is an outstanding Rotarian who practices not only his chiropractic services, but also Service Above Self.  To learn more about Eric and his practice please visit his website athttp://www.gonsteadfc.com/.